Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites | Get Outside

Yeh for Friday!

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Last week I blogged about my goals for September, and one of them was GET OUTSIDE!
While the heat we are experiencing is definitely not my favorite, getting my workout in outside sure is!

I wasn't able to swing through my favorite coffee spot on September 1st, but you better believe I made it there on Friday morning for my first PSL of the season :)

Friday night was so nice out, so we headed outside to play baseball with X before we had our favorite Friday night dinner - PIZZA!

One of my favorite things about Fall is getting to make fires in the backyard!
Friday night was perfect!

Mic had a golf outing Saturday morning, so X and I headed out to run some errands.
Of course we stopped at our favorite store - Target :)

X and Mic got haircuts, and then we headed outside for a nice, friendly walk while Mic cleared out the gutters.
This is how he cleaned out the gutters! UGH!
I didn't want X to see his father possibly slip and fall to his death, so that is why we went for a walk.

We had plans to visit a local pool on Sunday with some friends, but the temps weren't warm enough in the morning :(
So we decided to one of my favorite things instead - Bowling!
Our normal place wasn't open, so we ventured to another set of lanes.
Wow! How this place is still in business I will never know!
We were the only ones there and our lane had to get fixed at least twice!
We only bowled one game people!

We grabbed some lunch at Bob Evans and I let X and his friend have fun with some filters while we waited for our food :)
X's new favorite filter - The Old Man!
Love these two little guys!

We enjoyed a low key cookout later that evening before calling it a day.

Monday was super lazy!
Watching Disney Junior, laying around, and Face timing with my dad :)

Tuesday we were back to the grind!
I thankfully had my favorite afternoon pick me up to help me get through :)
Advocare Coffeccino and Spark are life savers in my book.
I don't push it on here, but if you are ever interested in giving it a try let me know.

And despite the temps being out of control this week,
(I am talking 90's with HIGH humidity! Some schools were even cancelling due to the extreme temps!!!!)
I managed to GET OUTSIDE almost every day this week!
My least favorite part of my jog/walk is my driveway at the end!
That thing is a killer!

And that is our week!
Despite my distaste for soccer, I am looking forward to X having his first soccer game this weekend.
And of course the start of my favorite sport - FOOTBALL!!!!!
Go Browns!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yay for getting outside everyday and for pizza of course! Haha xo

  2. Your yard looks absolutely amazing- love all the trees! Have a great weekend.

  3. You sure have some beautiful trees around for getting outside for a walk. It is still really hot here in Texas, but I am determined to get outside and walk this week! Have a great weekend!