Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

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This has been another exhausting week!
Training a new employee takes a lot out of you, and then you still have the rest of the "life" things you have to do :/

Oh well, it is what it is right?

So we started our week/weekend off on a bad note last Friday :(
I walked out of X's school after picking him up to find my tire like this...
 #definitelynotafavoritemoment :(
Thankfully my FIL and Mic were able to fix it enough so I could drive it to the repair shop.
When we got there we noticed something very familiar parked in the back.
 It was Mic's OLD car!
Seeing that thing turned our evening around :)
It was definitely a favorite for Mic!

It was getting late so we swung through McDonald's to pick up a quick dinner and decided to head inside instead.
It actually was fun since we were practically the only ones there on a Friday night.
X had a blast playing the games :)
And I had my favorite fries for dinner! lol!

A bunch of people I follow on Instagram were posting pics with the hash tag
and I couldn't resist!
Tami Taylor is by far one of my favorite characters!

Saturday morning my favorite soccer star had another game!

X and I ran some errands later that afternoon and I couldn't resist my favorite treat!

Sunday I tried cheering on my favorite team as best as I could, but unfortunately they lost in over time :(

We picked up X's Halloween costume while we were at Target.
He picked his favorite thing...A Ninja!
Of course he is also obsessed with bad guys these days, so he thinks he is bad ninja.

On Monday, I talked about some of my favorite forms of Entertainment and what songs I am currently loving :)

I linked up with some of my favorite ladies for What's Up Wednesday | Septemberr this week!

I reviewed the items I recently ordered from Nordstrom and One Loved Babe on Thursday.
These moto jeggings are my new favorite piece of clothing!
See how I did here with the rest of the items :)

It is finally starting to feel like my favorite season around here!
Bring on all the scarves, sweaters, and boots!

I attended my friend's LulaRoe launch party this week and loved getting to see the items in person.
She had such a cute set up!
I will be blogging more about it next week and the items I picked up.

I was getting things out for Oktoberfest this weekend and X decided to try on my hat.
Oh, my favorite little German pretending to be a mobster! lol!

And I couldn't leave without a few of mine and X's favorite Snapchat filters from this week!

Happy Friday Friends!
I hope you all have a wonderful Fall weekend!


  1. LOVE your navy top with that plaid scarf!

  2. Those Moto jeans look fantastic on you! I can't wait to see what you got at the lularue party..>I've been wanting to pull the trigger, but just haven't yet.

  3. Your McDonald's is so fancy with those games! What a bummer about the tire! Glad it was an easy fix though!

  4. ^ Yes! I was like, what the heck kinda' fancy McD's is that?! LOL! I'm excited to hear about your LLR experience, I am hoping to try some out myself soon! :) I am also obsessed w/ that song by the Chainsmokers right now- I cannot stop listening!