Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stranded with...Movies!

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The topic today is Movies!
I have said this a time or two on here before, but I am not really a movie person.
I have a hard time sitting down and watching a movie since I sit ALL DAY LONG at work.
I do sit down to watch TV shows, but typically I am watching something that I recorded on the DVR so I can skip commercials and speed up the whole process. lol!

I used to like watching movies years ago, and that is probably why most of my favorites are from back then!
So here are the ones that I always find myself turning on, even if it is just for background noise, every time I see they are on TV :)

I mean, who doesn't love this movie? Or Reese?
It is the perfect amount of funny, romance, etc. to me.
And it would be great to daydream while I am sitting on that deserted island!

I pretty much love any movie Vince Vaughn is in as well, but Couples Retreat is my favorite!

And I am kind of a sucker for Mila Kunis movies as well!
Any of these would be great to have on hand :)

It doesn't hurt when JT is in it too ;)

I gotta have a oldie, but goodie in there too!
I wore out my VHS copy of Can't Buy Me Love as a kid I watched it so much!
Anyone else daydream of driving around in Cindy's car?

And if I wasn't watching that, I had Adventures In Babysitting on replay!
I am wondering now if all those years of watching this movie had something to do with why I never would babysit for anyone. Hmmm? lol!

So yes, that was technically more than three.
Pick any combination of those movies and I will be a happy camper :)

What movies would you pick?
What were your childhood favorites?


  1. Great picks! I also literally wore out my VHS copy of Can't Buy Me Live as a kid! And Vince Vaughn is my favorite actor :)

  2. Can't Buy Me Love is such a great 80's movie! good pick!

  3. SWEET HOME ALABAMA. I'm not sure if it's a fave of mine because of of Reese or that her name was Melanie or that Luke was so gosh darn cute!

  4. I love Sweet Home Alabama! I am laughing because I so remember going to the movies on a date and we saw Can't Buy Me Love AND La Bamba on the same day. haha

  5. Love your picks! It's always wonderful to see that someone else was obsessed with Can't Buy Me Love!!

  6. Love all your picks!! Totally forgot about Couple's Retreat :) Such a funny movie!

  7. What a great list!!! I am with you not being a "movie person."

  8. Reese is an amazing actress. Bad Moms is hilarious and I'd say it's on my top list of favorite comedies.