Thursday, September 15, 2016

Styling My Own "Fix"

I have been going back and forth in my mind if I wanted to schedule another Stitch Fix or Trendsend.
I have said this before on here, and I will say it again...I don't like to shop.
I much rather have someone else spend countless hours browsing websites or going to stores to update my wardrobe.

With that said, the boxes I have received from each of those subscription services haven't always been amazing.
I typically keep at least one item (except from Trendsend) since I am out my $20 if I don't :(
So I decided to try to style my own fix and see how I did.
I tried to limit myself just to my lunch hour (that didn't happen, but for blogging purposes we'll go with it), so I wouldn't get discouraged with shopping.

I quickly checked out my My Stitch Fix Inspiration Board on Pinterest and got to work.
Now I can say, a couple of the items were almost exactly what I have pinned.
A few others were things other bloggers have been mentioning for months now and I just finally got around to hitting the "place order" button.

So here is what I have coming to me :)

 Sheaffer and just about everyone else in blogland have talked about this Lush 'Pefect" Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic.
Believe it or not, I don't have a long black tunic in my closet.
Kind of a no brainer here, but I am pretty sure it will go with just about everything in my closet already.
AND it looks like it will be a great crossover piece for work and play :)

 This Lush 'Karly' Shift Dress popped up when I was looking at the top above.
I love shift dresses!
Simple ones like this can be dressed up or down, worn to work, etc.
And look at the amazing rust color!!!
Perfect for Fall!

The next three items have been on all of my style boards for awhile now.
Confession: I am obsessed with jackets!
I am not a purse, jewelry or shoe girl, but jackets/coats get me every.single.time!
I have wanted a cognac leather jacket for years now, but never found the right fit/style/etc.
I found this Jessica Simpson Quilted Faux Leather Jacket on sale and jumped on it!
I am so excited for this to arrive!
I pray it fits well, because I am already envisioning wearing it for our Fall family photos this year! lol!
#pleasepraywithme :)

I already love my herring bone wedge booties (super similar), and have been looking for another pair because they really are comfortable!
These TOMS Perforated Desert Wedgie Booties in Olive are currently 50% OFF!!!!
I have a feeling I will be rockin' these babies with everything!

I have wanted Moto Jeggings for a little while now too, but could never pick out the color I wanted until now.
I pinned this sandy/rusty looking pair not too long ago and knew they would be a great addition to my wardrobe.
I can see pairing these with sandals, booties, etc.
They are super affordable!
In fact, the whole darn shop is! And super cute too!

And that is my "fix" :)
Wish me luck that everything fits!
I tried to keep things in the same price range and mainly stuck with Nordstrom (free shipping/returns) to keep things similar to Stitch Fix.

Review post coming soon!

Where are your go to online shops?
What are your go to brands?

Link your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below,
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  1. I do love the Lush brand and with your tall slenderness this top may work for you. I am the one blogger who didn't love it. Lush has another almost identical that wasn't cut as long which I snagged during the anniversary sale and I do love it. You can never go wrong with a great pair of booties and I've almost ordered that dress so many times. Can't wait to see...oh...and Nordstrom is definitely my go to because of the free shipping and returns! Gap & Banana Republic also have free returns which I didn't realize for a long time.