Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites | Snapchat Shenanigans

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I saw this on Instagram by one of my favorite "bad" girls and I loved it!
And yes, I know Kristin Cavallari isn't really a bad girl..but she sure seemed like one when I secretly watched Laguna Beach all those years ago ;)

I have been SO good this year and only purchased my now favorite white jeans (sold out) from the #NSALE.
It has been hard though...I mean, look at those polka dots and monograms!
Both are my very favorite!

One of my favorite snacks these days are Cheez-Its - I blame X! lol!
I saw these labels and I couldn't help but laugh!
I could totally rock one! Just kidding!

Saturday we spent the day outside swimming, watching TV, and enjoying one of my favorite summertime adult beverages :)
It a plastic Jurassic World cup of course! #keepinitclassy

And don't forget to check out my What's Up July post!

It has tons of favorites from the past month as well :)

Now onto X and my favorite time of the week!
I was having a busy, crazy, irritated day at work on Monday and decided to take a minute to regroup.
Well, in that moment I joined Snapchat (xtremelyv).
I no idea what I am doing, but those filters are so much fun!
In fact, it has become the thing X and I do every morning before I leave for work.
I love it!
Every morning we check for new filters.

Day 1

This face swamp one is straight up freaky!
X loves to do it, but then is creeped out by the results. lol!

This is his absolute favorite one!

Day 2

He didn't like being the pig :(

Day 3

His favorites from yesterday were the mouse with cheese and the sunglasses :)

I see some fun new ones for today too!
We are addicted for sure!

I will end with this tank that I must order and I am sure will quickly become a favorite!

And that is it for the week!
We are looking forward to celebrating my step dad's birthday this weekend and getting things ready for vacation!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. That tank is perfect for you! Isn't snap so much fun with the littles?!! Who am I kidding..I love the freaking filters. Happy Friday!

  2. I haven't jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon yet but I think the filters are awesome. I can see the allure.

  3. adding you on snap, although I have yet to really figure it out. Love that you and X have a fun thing to do in the mornings :)