Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites | Silly Selfies

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On Saturday morning I made a batch of everyone's favorite Pretzel Smore's Bars!
Recipe will be coming to the blog again soon :)

Once they were cool, we headed to a near by campground to visit with one of my favorite childhood friends and her family.
It was a gorgeous day!
X wasn't up for swimming, but Mic did convince him to go out on the lake in a paddle boat!

They came back to the dock and I jumped on too!
This is not a very good picture of any of us, but I couldn't resist sharing it.
The sun is not X's favorite at all!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of X and the girls together this time around :(
They are at least 2 years older than him now.
But I couldn't resist sharing this pic of my favorite littles from 3 years ago at that same campground :)

On Tuesday, I linked up with one of my favorite moms to share my Go-To Summer Look!

Wednesday was all about my favorite celebs I would like to be stranded on a deserted island with.
Can you guess who made the cut? ;)

My favorite little guy was in the mood for silly selfies so I said why not!

And then he wanted to do it himself!

Love that kid!

I reviewed my latest Stitch Fix, and included a crazy unboxing video you won't want to miss!
Subscription clothing boxes are definitely my favorite way to shop!

I am trying hard to resist the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right now!
Honestly I am in need of a few new items, but I don't see that they have what I am looking for.
That is a favorite for my wallet for sure! lol!

And that has been my week!
I am looking forward to seeing some of Mic's old classmates at his 20th high school reunion this weekend :)
Yes, I said 20!
We are old people! lol!

Since it is reunion weekend, can you spot which one is Mic in this photo from his senior year (1996)?

And then Monday we are back to the grind getting ready for our office audit!
Wish us luck! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Those smores bars look delicious!!! I definitely couldn't resist the sale!! You have good willpower!

  2. Is that the smores dessert you brought to our Ohio bloggers meet up?! If so- YUM I REMEMBER IT!! Haha :) I am thinking about treating myself to a StichFix box soon as I work towards getting my post-baby body in some type of shape lol!

  3. Silly selfies are always the best. Especially when the kids are doing it. Those Pretzel Smore's Bars look super yummy.