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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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We moved into our current home just about a year ago.
And when I say moved in, I mean moved all of our excess junk.
We left most of our furniture - couchs, beds, etc. to stage our house while it was for sale.
Thankfully, we were only without those items for a couple of months but it sure felt like forever!
So we moved the rest of our things into our current home in the middle of November. In Ohio.
We quickly shoved things into rooms to get things out of the way and decorated for Christmas.
We had one employee retire during that time frame, and another retire at the end of January.
To say our work/life balance is completely off would be an understatement.
We are really hoping to start working on getting our house organized, painted, etc. to feel somewhat like our home.
But for now, we basically live in my in-laws old home...just with our stuff :(

I showed you around my old house before, but my current home isn't exactly picture worthy yet.
Here is the outside of it right after we moved in last year.

We have big dreams of how we would like to change this place!
Starting with that front door!
I think we finally have made our minds up of how we would like to update/change things so that is part of the reason we have waited a full year.
The other reason, is work basically owns us :(

Here is what we are thinking for the outside update...

Love, love, love the dark gray for the cedar siding, and the dark trim on the windows.
We are thinking about having our front door be the same shade as the trim.
It is tough to see in the pictures up above, but right next to our front door is a brick chimney.
I love the red/orange shade of the brick, so with everything else dark I am really hoping that will be the focal point :)

The inside of our house hasn't been touched since the home was built 40 years ago :(
As we update things I will be sure to post on here as well!

Now I am off to check out your homes to get more ideas!
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love your inspiration for outside! Can't wait to see what you have in store 😀

  2. The picturesque scenery alone is so gorgeous!

  3. Love that outside, perfect! Can't wait to see things as you update them. We're updating our kitchen in a few months and I can't wait!


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