Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stitch Fix | July 2016

My July Stitch Fix box arrived on Saturday morning and of course I couldn't wait to open it!
I requested a few items so I was excited to see if they were able to find them.

If you are new to Stitch Fix, this is what most of them look like when you first open the box.
Return envelope, personalized card with outfit details, price list, and your clothes!
 Since I was short on time Saturday morning, I quickly looked at the card to see what I received.

Here is one of my many attempts at filming an unboxing video :/

Note to self: Don't try to film with a 4 year old present!

Now for the try on of things!
Level 99 Robbie Jogger Pant - Olive $88
Colorblock Alonso Embroidery Detail Top - White $54

When I saw these two items on the card above I had mixed thoughts.
I was super excited about trying on some jogger pants, but I am typically not a fan of fringe things.
Despite being wrinkled from shipping, I actually loved the top!
That fringe isn't very cowboy like at all :)
I loved the olive color of the pants and the fit was nice, but the bottom around the ankle/calf was wide :(
I was hoping for a more fitted feel.


 A Gold E Brynn High Rise Skinny Jean - White $128
Pixley Mirado Lasercut Detail Blouse - Cobalt $58
I love everything about this top - the color, the fit, the detail!
Unfortunately, the detail part at the top was damaged :(
The white jeans fit well, and were just the right amount of "skinny" I have been looking for.
However, the high rise is not for me.
I didn't like the feel or the look unless you wear them with a long top :(


 Pixley Karissa Knit Tank Dress - Black $64
The last item in the box was this black tank dress.
Honestly, nothing special in my opinion.
The fit was fine, but I have similar dresses.
Plus, I was looking for something a bit fancier for date nights and such.


I really wanted to keep those jogger pants, but at the end of the day I couldn't figure out how or where I would wear them.
I am still on the hunt for some with a more fitted ankle/calf.
And the white jeans were great, but high rise just isn't my thing.
And you better believe I would have kept that cobalt top if it wasn't damaged!

Do you get any subscription clothing boxes?
What are some of your favorites?

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  1. You are adorable...and so funny! I love that you are a multitasking mom putting together videos in the time you have even if it means the 4 1/2 year old is present!! Sad about the purple that color!!