Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Show & Tell | My Tribe

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Today is all about My Tribe :)
Those people that make you, you.
Those people who are there in good times and bad.
Those people who are true friends :)

I have a few groups that make up my tribe :)

The Local Ladies
These are the ladies I spend a lot of time with these days.
While all of them except for me grew up here, most of them didn't meet until adulthood.
We are similar in age, have kids about the same age, enjoy the same workout classes, etc.
I love the bond I have, and continue to form with these ladies :)
They all bring a something different to the table which makes things so much fun!

This girl was my very first friend I made when I moved here :)
Yes, she is my hair stylist, but Kasey is much more than that to me!
She is what made me give this place a chance, and actually like it!

My childhood friends

The next few ladies have played a big part in who I became as I was growing up.
I met Jessica in elementary school.
She is down to earth, hilarious as can be, responsible, and tough as nails!
She is battling breast cancer right now and totally kickin' butt!
But then again, she was a cheerleader with me ;)
Yes, that is Jessica and me in the front circa 1996!

She is the first person I thought of when it came time to name X's god parents :)
While we don't see each other nearly as often as either one of us would like, we are always there for each other.

This one below I have known since kindergarten.
Missy and I used to share the same last name, but no relation.
And we are 100% opposites!
That is exactly why I love her so much!
She knows how to get me to come out of my shell, and definitely knows how to have a good time!

Kelly is another one I have known since I was about 6 years old (sensing a pattern here?).
We were on the same softball team way back when and became fast friends.
And many years later she was my MOH :)
She now lives in Florida :(
The friendships and bonds that I have with each of those ladies continues on no matter where they or I live,
or where we are in our lives.
Love them!

My Family

If I didn't have any of those ladies I mentioned above, I would still be one lucky lady.
These people I call family are truly the best!

Honorable mention goes out to a few bloggers who I feel are much more than Internet friends.
Some day we will meet! :)


  1. Love this! I really should have got my act together and done this post.

  2. You and your hairdresser look like you could be sisters! Great hair too! I have a special relationship with the girl who does my hair too.