Friday, July 1, 2016

I'm an Aunt!

Happy Friday & 3 day weekend my friends!
Linking up on this fine Friday with Andrea, Narci & Erika for

Backing up to last Friday evening.
After getting a few things done at home after work, we hung out with some friends on their back patio.
The weather was perfect for sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and talking with some of our favorite people :)

On Saturday morning we woke up to a guest in our backyard :)
The deer are my favorite guests living in the country.
They are the only creatures I am ok with :/

On Monday I linked up with Andrea for her #Letstalklinkup 
We are talking all things Red, White & Blue!
My favorite colors during the summer!

Tuesday evening we celebrated a great t-ball season for our little ones with a pizza party!
Those cheesy grins are my favorite!
I think I might actually miss seeing those little guys every week :/
 They were so proud of their trophies they received, but their favorite part of the night was the bounce house :)
  Six little 3-4 years old in a bounce house and not a one of them got hurt!

 After a few families left, these three boys switched gears and were all about playing soccer.

On Wednesday, I joined a couple more McKinney ladies (and one Cali girl) to round out the month of June for What's Up Wednesday!
Can you guess what my favorite songs are these days?

 My SIL went into the hospital on Monday morning for a stress test and such since baby Lily had not arrived yet (she was due on June 22nd).
On Wednesday morning we got the call that the doctors said it would be the day that Lily was joining all of us. YEH!
Mic and I met my dad and step mom at a restaurant near the hospital for a late lunch before heading over.
I enjoyed some yummy pork tacos and my favorite summer time drink :)

Unfortunately, things were not moving along very quickly.
My SIL tried her best to have a natural birth, but in the end had to have a c-section.
So at 8pm while she was being prepped for surgery, my dad and I made a run to pick up some dinner.
I couldn't pass up stopping at my favorite coffee spot too ;)

That sweet, yet stubborn little cutie finally made her debut at 8:54pm :)
Eek! I'm an Aunt!
See that picture below?
My favorite part is that capital "A" in her middle name :)
My middle name has a capital too ;)

Because they (especially my SIL) were thoroughly exhausted, they didn't want many pictures taken :(
So I obeyed, and just stole a few from my parents ;)
You aren't going to get grandparents to put down the camera!

That little girl doesn't realize it yet, but she sure hit the jackpot with him as her dad in my opinion :)

 My favorite pictures of the day have to be my mom and dad meeting and holding Lily for the first time!
 She is seriously one lucky little girl to have them in her world!

It was about 11:30pm by the time Mic and I were allowed in the room. and the nurses had just put ointment in her eyes :(
 I showed these few photos to X and his reaction was "She's so tiny and cute!"
I can't wait to introduce them to each other.
I am sure they will be each other's favorites!
Thanks so much to my brother and SIL for making me an Aunt, Mic an Uncle, and giving X his one and only cousin :)
We wish you all the very best!

And that my friends is a wrap on the last week of June!
Hope you all have a fantastic and safe Fourth of July weekend with family and friends!


  1. Congratulations!! Being an aunt is so much fun!! Enjoy! Have a great holiday weekend!!

  2. Yay! Congrats! I just love tiny newborns. Have a great 4th of July! Hope you get lots more snuggles with that little one!