Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Go-to Summer Look

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Today I am "spieling" the beans about my go-to summer look!
If I am not at work you will typically catch me with a hat on.

 No hat?
That's because I have my sunglasses (similar) on or on top of my head.

Either one of them is typically paired with a tee from Old Navy (similar), some J.Crew Factory shorts, and flip flops or converse.
On "fancier" evenings I trade out the tee for a flowy summer top or sweater.

And done.
What can I say, I am pretty basic. lol!
I am so basic/simple I rarely take pictures of my outfits.

What is your go-to summer look?
Are you a hat person?
If so, where do you get yours?
I am always looking for more! :)

*Ps. Not sure why all of my photos keep going off to the left even though they say center. Hmm???*


  1. I want to be a hat person, I always see yours and think, I want to be a hat person, but can never find any that I like? I think hats look great on you!

  2. You rock a hat like no other! I always feel like the shape of my head looks weird in a cap but I still love wearing them. I'm glad you linked those old navy relaxed fit tees...I seriously loved one I bought earlier this year and when I wore it last week noticed it has a hole. boo. Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

  3. I hardly ever take photos of myself too! I've been hearing wonderful things about those j crew pants.

  4. Love this!! :) You look so cute in hats!! And I love the JCrew Shorts! They're actually my go-to!

  5. You look precious in a hat - I think I need that camo one even though I haven't hunted a day in my life. Ha! Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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