Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Stitch Fix 2016 Unboxing

Hey Hey!
Back with another video for you on this #ThinkingOutLoudThursday
Today I am unboxing my 3rd Stitch Fix!
I must work on how to get a good still shot for these videos!

I totally rushed through this video.
And this was recorded in an empty office at work on the fly. lol!

 Grey - Dreamers/Debut Cancun Cowl Pullover Sweater - $68

Grey - Just Black Faye Skinny Jean - $88
Black - Kensie - Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer - $88
Red - 41Hawthorn Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse - $58
Black - Skies are Blue Breann V-Neck Dress - $68

Total Box Cost $370
Total Cost with Buy 5 Discount $237.50

Again, as I said in the video... I loved this box!
The colors, the style of each piece, the fit of each piece, etc. was spot on!
Thanks again Erin for styling me :)

You can check out Stitch Fix for yourself or to even give as a gift here!

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  1. I especially love that last dress! Beautiful! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  2. I am loving that first outfit! Can you explain to me how this works? I see so many people talking about it

  3. She nailed your stitch fix. I would have gotten all of those too! They look great on you, if I did stitch fix, could I just say, hey give me everything you gave Vanessa! hehe :)