Thursday, January 7, 2016

first time for everything

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the first #ThinkingOutLoudThursday of 2016!
Penny & I want to thank you for joining us last year.
It truly means a lot that you decide to hangout and link up with us each week :)

And now, for your viewing pleasure (lol!), is my first vlog ;)

Make sure to comment below with your questions, suggestions, etc.!

Now it is your turn!
Link up your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below,
and make sure to link back to X-tremely V & Penny's Passion!



  1. very cool hearing your voice and 'seeing' you!

  2. That's awesome - my southern accent scares me a bit on video...maybe one day! :)

  3. Yay! Love being able to hear your voice and put a voice with a name. Can't wait to see more videos! I think we should do some sort of video collab...hmm...???

  4. I totally agree about the voice thing....I always am so so wrong or judging height I always think people are taller than they are

  5. Love the vlog! I get a thrill out of hearing voices too :) Oh gosh, could you share some exercise moves?! Is that too much? I need to get motivated and I know how much you enjoy it so teach me your ways!!!

  6. Great "hearing" from you today! Love the vlog. Happy New Year!


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