Monday, January 25, 2016

Pie Filled Weekend

Happy Crazy Busy Monday!
It is currently 1:15pm EST and I am just sitting down to write this post.
Why you ask?
Because I am busy training our new employee.
While that is exciting to have an additional body to help out around the office, it unfortunately means the blog might be a bit slower than normal this week.

I must admit, I do most of my blog writing while at work.
But now I have no idea when I will do it :(
I might have to wake up earlier, go to bed later. Eeek!
When do you guys write your posts?

Now that I got that out of the way, I have exactly 45 minutes to eat my lunch and write this post while the new girl is away for lunch.
Multi-tasking at its best!

Mic really liked having dinner at Brumby's last Friday, so we headed there again this past Friday night for pizza pie and coffee.
Yes, seems like a weird combination but oh so good!
This week was much more laid back and quiet.
It was nice to change it up and know that we still really enjoyed the space, and the food.
And in true Vanessa fashion, I got the exact same drink as I did last week.
White Chocolate Latte :)
Mic enjoyed a mocha frappe...and a slight bit of brain freeze too ;)
X and I shared a pizza once again.
And Mic enjoyed his own Kicken' Chicken pizza.
While I am thinking of changing it up this Friday, I will definitely go back in the future!

Saturday we FINALLY took down and put away all of our Christmas decor and trees.
I had been dreading getting it done, but it was over in 30 minutes or so.
While the rest of the east coast was getting snow dumped on them, we were enjoying slightly warmer temps and sunshine.
I was itching to get the boys out of the house and take a ride, but no such luck :(
Mic finally suggested I get my grocery shopping done on Saturday night just so I could get out of the house for a bit.
I picked up these mini pies since it was #NationalPieDay after all ;)

Sunday we hung out around the house most of the day playing with cars, cleaning, and watching football.

Again, because I can't stand to stay cooped up in the house all day, X and I headed to Walmart for a few things we needed.
We ventured down the frozen aisle to get some ice cream for Mic and came across our very favorite kind of ice cream...SUPERMAN!!!!
The exact Superman we get at our favorite ice cream shop is sold at our local Walmart!
X and I were super excited and picked up a 1/2 gallon to bring home with us!
So needless to say we had ice cream cones for dessert last night!
And Walmart has moved up a notch in my book :)

And that my friends was our weekend!
Phew...I finished before she got back from lunch! lol!
Maybe I will start my post for tomorrow now ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I've never heard of Superman ice cream. I'll have to get some for the grandkids. Before I got laid off I would do my posts at work. It was nice. Now I try and do them the evening before. Or if I'm really good, two days before! Have a great week!

  2. You'll catch me writing my blogs at midnight or 4 am! So if you see any typos, you can understand why. :)


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