Wednesday, January 13, 2016

White Winter Style

So here in Ohio we are finally experiencing Winter.
Since we are only about 3 days in, I am not daydreaming of Spring or Summer or vacation just yet.
I am thinking about all things that will keep me cozy and warm while having fun outside.

Cute winter hats with pom poms on top
I actually picked up this one at Gap last month.
I love the color, the fit, and how warm it keeps my head :)
Oh, and it is currently on sale for just $7.99!

All the white stuff on the ground makes me love the color white even more!
Hats, coats, etc.!
I think this beanie would be super cute and go with just about everything!

Snow boots
I am in some serious need of winter/snow boots now that we are living in the country!
I picked up a pair of Hunter wellies a couple years ago, and while they aren't terrible in the winter they aren't very warm or good on ice.
Plus, we have a huge hill to go sledding on now and I need something that I can get up and down that hill with ease.
Of course my obsession with white continues!
I love the look of these boots!

And I just came across these boots while browsing the Dick's Sporting Goods site.
All the heart eyes for white in the winter :)

Now I typically just throw on the soft, stretchy gloves that you can pick up in packs of 3 or something when traveling back and forth to work and such.
However, playing in the snow calls for something a little bit more substantial.
I think some gloves meant for skiers might do the trick!
These babies seem to be quite similar to the ones above, just a bit cheaper.

Snow pants
Let's be honest, I haven't played in the snow for years.
Probably since I was a kid.
So I truly lack the proper clothing that allows you to make snow angels, go sledding, etc.
I love the idea of these overalls so I don't have to worry about snow getting between my coat and pants or having to pull up my pants all day long.

However, these pants look like they might stay in place pretty well.
And they are pretty cheap, so maybe I can pick up both :)

So where are my cold weather state girls at?
Are there certain brands or styles you recommend?
Suggestions please!

In the meantime I am going to keep warm while drinking some hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

And yes, I am that girl who prefers whipped cream instead of marshmallows :)

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  1. Love this post, I was looking for bid ski pants....also, I love how our vocab for all the pieces you listed is different than yours.

  2. Love that snow beanie! I need to get some snow pants too!

  3. I'm in New York state a little outside of NYC and finally we are seeing winter! I definitely need to gear up! Thanks for the inspiration!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. Next time I buy some ski stuff, I'm going to get the bib, I have snow pants and when I bail on the snow, snow goes to places that it shouldn't...and swoon over those boots!