Tuesday, January 19, 2016

These are my confessions...

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Grocery Shopping
I won't let anyone go with me when I grocery shop.
I like to get my Starbucks coffee when I walk in the door to Kroger and then get in and get out!
I don't want to be dragged down by X wanting to check out the toys, walking away from me (he doesn't like to ride in the cart, nor do I have room), etc.

After School Snacks
I totally supply X with Twinkies, fruit snacks, fruit bars, etc. when we get home from school/work.
Thankfully, he is a really good eater (fruits and veggies) so I am able to get away with giving him some junk food and he still eats his dinner an hour or so later.

Too much TV
Not gonna lie, the only babysitter X has ever had other than grandparents is the TV.
I tend to turn the TV on Disney Jr as soon as we walk in the door after school/work.
He watches on and off, plays with Lego's, eats a snack and I get to change my clothes, maybe make dinner or get a workout in.

I love frosting!
As a kid I would make a bowl of homemade frosting with my grandma and have it for a snack!
My child now loves frosting just as much as I do!
He is known for ruining a good cupcake by licking the frosting off and then being done.
Once or twice* I may have told him we were out of cupcakes so I could enjoy the last one ;)

I am a stickler for washing your hands, and even your feet before getting into bed.
However, I don't think twice about putting X's food and such on a table that probably hasn't been wiped clean while out to eat.
And when he was using a pacifier and it fell to the ground...I would just quickly dust it off and give it back to him.
He is totally fine!

Out to eat
Speaking of eating at a restaurant, I usually sit on the opposite side of the table from X.
Luckily, he chooses to sit by Mic every single time.
Bonus for me because I get to eat my food while it is still warm! lol!

I am sure I could go on and on, but I will cut it off there :)
What are some of your Momfessional confessions or moments?


  1. Hahah! Love these! I've been known to babysit using tv too!

  2. Girl, I totally used the TV as a 'babysitter' our TV is always on and Bre uses an iPad more than she should too. I figure we grew up with worse TV shows than are on now and we turned out just fine :)

  3. haha i loved watching tv as i babysat too :) great post and glad i found your blog through the link up :)

  4. Hahhaa I love this so much.
    Though, I don't have children yet.
    I'm glad it's alright to have these confessions!
    It's real life. We don't have to be perfect!

  5. Hey, we all watched TV plenty growing up and turned out just fine ;) And after school snacks are the best. I feel like at that age kids are always hungry haha

  6. Lol tv babysitter. Thats pretty much how I cook dinner too.

  7. I love these! Oh the joys of being a mom and making our own rules. HA!

  8. Haha, I can totally relate to all of these. Recently our ped told us that we should only be letting kids watch 2 hours of tv and only an hour at a time a day...oops! I just nodded and agreed. Heck ya to the tv babysitter! :) We've all done/do it.