Thursday, January 14, 2016


Before I get into my video, I have to feature this one
I watched the entire show and Jenna killed it!
And her performance with Paula Abdul was amazing as well!
I just love that girl!

The video you are about to watch contains images that could be harmful to your eyes.
(ex. me with no makeup, wet hair, etc.)
Watch with caution! ;)

And here is the face I am currently making since my video is blurry, not working right, etc.

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  1. This week I'm thankful for change....and the ability to adjust even when it's not easy. I'm on day 4 of getting up early and it has been so productive but so hard!!! Will check back later for our Vlog..:)

  2. That entire episode was on point, I dont know how they are going to top it!!! I actually just did a thankful post today. Hope your video works soon....Ill have to check back

  3. Thankful for a very ordinary week - no hiccups, no bumps - just a nice easy week! I'll take that any day!!!

  4. Thankful for my vanpool, it took me 1.5 hours to get to work when I missed the van (oops, the sound on my alarm was off), when normally with the van it takes 45 minutes!

  5. Yay the video is up! Can't wait to see your stitch fix and what else you have planned for your vlogs ;)