Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Jeans after Labor Day

Yes, you read that correctly!
I love wearing white in the winter months...jeans/dress pants included.
No, I don't wear linen ones...I would literally freeze to death in the negative temps we currently have in Ohio!
But a good quality, thick pair of jeans or pants works really well :)

I have mentioned before that I am super matchy- matchy with my clothing. I really do have a hard time mixing pattens and such.
When I do the colors have to be the same!
That's just me :)
So on Saturday evening we had dinner reservations with some friends to celebrate Valentine's Day kid-free.
Mic and I ventured out into the blizzard that was happening Saturday afternoon to drop X off at my in-laws for the night, and thankfully made it home safely.
Once we were home I received a message that one of the couples had to cancel, and then the next couple decided to stay in as well.
Since we were the only ones that were kid-free, we decided to keep the reservation and have dinner just the two of us.
FYI: By the time we headed out to dinner the blizzard had stopped and the salt/plow trucks were out in full force.

So back to my matchy-matchy comment above...originally I planned on wearing something red for dinner since it was in fact Valentine's Day.
I always have to wear the appropriate colors for the event/holiday/etc.
But since I know Mic isn't a big fan of red, I opted for another outfit he would like much better.
 So mad that this pic came out blurry (it didn't appear that way on my phone).
I loved my hair on Saturday night! Straight, but it had so much body to it!
I am sure it will never happen again :(
 I wore my military green top that I picked up at Target a year or so ago, my white jeans (similar), and cognac boots (similar).
Mic loves the military look, so I figured he would like it (he did). :)
Of course I rocked some arm candy too!
I am obsessed with these bracelets (similar and here) and cuff!
 I did manage to wear one Valentine color this weekend.
While I am not a pink fan, this super light shade by Essie was perfect :)

Did you venture out for Valentine's Day?
Did you wear red or pink?

One more question before you go.
Any recs for a good sunless tanner? Wipes, lotion, spray, foam, etc.
I need to start getting ready for summer and some upcoming weddings!

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  1. I am totally loving the white jeans during winter!!! :)

  2. I have to admit the only white bottoms I own are shorts and a pair of capris. Love your outfit though. :) And your arm candy! I ordered my first cuff and should be getting it today. Can't wait! I always use Jergen's natural glow for a sunless tanner.

  3. Oh my gosh, the the outfit colors, going to have to put that together...maybe tomorrow, I'll post a picture if I do :) You should head over to Shay's blog and see the tanner she uses. She did a whole Shades of Shay on it...if I remember correctly. :)

  4. Hey, girly! Such a cute outfit. Rodan and Fields makes a GREAT foaming tanner that works really well! Get in touch with Erika and she can hook you up. :) Tell her you want the same tanner Andrea uses and she'll know what you're talking about.

  5. I'm loving the white jeans, too! I think you can pull them off with riding boots, year round! And Essie anything, is awesome! Love that color. Perfect for a non-pink girl. ;-)