Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites | Food

When will the snow end?
Just when I think we have turned a corner we get blasted with 4 or more inches of snow and ice.
And the negative temps with the wind chill are insane!
Apparently quite a few of you are going through this too, so it doesn't feel as bad this week .

Anyways, let's get on with my favorites from the week!
To be honest, with all the winter weather we have had we haven't done much other than work, eat, and sleep :(
#mustleavethecountysoon #cabinfever

Working with your spouse can definitely be good and bad at times.
Friday, was a good day :)
We ran out and grabbed some Mexican for lunch!
 Boy do I wish Mic liked Mexican more!
I could eat tacos, chips, and salsa about every other day and be completely happy :)

Since I didn't layout anything for dinner, #momfail, we decided to hit up Cracker Barrel on Friday evening.
Chicken & Dumplings and Sweet Tea = Happy Vanessa!
 Of course my boys opt for the pancakes almost every time we go!
 No visit to CB would be complete without sitting by the checker board table.
This kid does not care that it was like -15*!

Saturday we were basically snowed in.
 My day was spent playing in our bedroom.
X did not want to leave that room!
I think I need to make it less comfortable for him so he wants to hangout in the family room or basement from now on!
I took no pictures on Saturday because I was instructed to put my phone down and play cars & trucks.
So I did just that! #bossy3yearold

On Sunday morning I tried to get X to help me bake some muffins so Mic could sleep in a bit.
He stood on the chair next to me and was excited to "help", but then wasn't thrilled when he couldn't actually do everything :(
If you haven't tried Shay's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins you are seriously missing out!
3 ingredients people! So simple, and so good!

Once we devoured our muffins for breakfast, it was time to hit up Kroger for Starbucks and grocery shopping.
For a moment I actually considered bringing X with me...thankfully that moment passed.
I picked up one of the rotisserie chickens to have for lunch and really throughout the week.
Do you ever buy these bad boys?
They are so good!

On Wednesday night we headed to Outback to celebrate my FIL's birthday.
Afterwards, we headed to their house for cake :)
X decided P was moving too slow and decided to blow out the candles for him.

The rest of our week has been pretty low key.
However, this weekend we are heading north to celebrate my mom's birthday and catch up with a few friends :)
Hoping the weather is my friend while traveling.

What are your favorites from the week?
Are you getting snow in your neck of the woods? How much?
What cold weather activities are you doing to keep you your kiddos from going insane?

Linking up with the following ladies on this freezing Friday!

Happy Friday!
And one last thing before I go...
Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you!!!


  1. LOVE Cracker Barrel!!!!!! I have been recently getting the spiced pork chops. I love the dumplings too, actually I think everything I get there I love!!!!

  2. Mexican AND Cracker Barrel!? You are speaking my language girl!! Those tacos looks amazing!!
    I'm sick of the snow too. We had more when I was driving in to work yesterday, and are expecting more Sunday and Tuesday! Ughghgh ~ It "warmed up" to 33* the other day and my husband sat out on our porch and drank a beer because it was " warm " haha I think everyone is seriously starting to lose it! Safe travels this weekend #hurryupspring

  3. it stopped snowing here where we are. but it's still cold.

  4. Yeah I'm totally over this constant snow and freezing cold. And another stupid snow storm coming this weekend. It's the worst.

  5. Ok, your food pics are speaking my love language. I love everything Mexican and who can say no to CB--sign me up for a gallon of the apple butter! I buy rotisserie chickens every week I'm not traveling--I use it for salads, homemade chicken salad and it makes the best chicken noodle soup ever! Well, now I'm hungry---I must go eat after taking about all this.

  6. You had me at Mexican food and chicken 'n dumplings! Two of my FAVS!

  7. Your food pictures always make me hungry. What's a chicken dumpling???

  8. Food makes me so happy!!! We love Cracker Barrel!! and breakfast is a must everytime we got there! My kids also love the rocking chairs! I can't wait to check out those muffins! they look delish!!

  9. I don't think the snow and the cold will ever end! But look at that delicious food!

  10. I'm with you on the Mexican food. I could eat it!! Your Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings looked yummy. Hope you had a great weekend visiting family and friends! :)