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How we met...

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The Story Of Us (original post dated 4/2013)

WARNING: Lengthy Post Ahead

Next week will be 12 years that my husband and I have been together. Coincidentally, my in-laws celebrate their wedding anniversary the same day! We have so many important dates that are close or exactly the same it is scary! I swear my husband some how planned it that way! 

Some days it feels like yesterday that we started working together, shared our first dance (& kiss), and had our first date (I asked him out!). Other days....I feel like we have been together forever. Like when you have a hard time remembering your life before your significant other was in it. 

So many changes over those 12 years, so many ups and downs, so many good times and bad. But at the end of the day.....I wouldn't trade him or our relationship for anything in the world! I mean, he did give me X :) and he is the best thing in the world!

So here is how we came to be....Mic & V (& X)
 The Beginning 2001
2 year wedding anniversary
3 year wedding anniversary

WOW...we just keep changing over the years! This October will be our 7th wedding anniversary :)

We met in early 2001 while working in North Olmsted, Ohio at the Mercedes Benz and Infiniti car dealerships. I was immediately attracted to his height, and thuggish attitude (not really thuggish, but different than what I was used to). I was (and always have been) fairly shy when it comes to talking to people, so I did what any 22 year old chic would do....sent in my co-workers! I know it is really lame, but it worked! Mic joined a group of us out at the bar after work and I very slowly got up the nerve (liquid courage) to talk to him. I don't remember the exact details, but some how we ended up out on the dance floor to Journey's "Faithfully". (Side note: Journey has always been one of my all time favorite bands!) By the end of the night I still was SO nervous talking to him. I actually asked him if I could kiss him! I am such a dork sometimes. Mic being the (overly) confident person that he was said "no"! I was just supposed to do it if I wanted to kiss him..UGH! Had to make things difficult! So after a little bit of time went by I jumped in and kissed him! :) I then asked him out for a "just the two of us" date the following weekend. We have been together ever since :)

We have gone through living 30 minutes apart to living 1 1/2 hours apart, conflicts with birthday celebrations (mine and my MIL are the same day!!!!), and just our general views on life. When the world says "opposites attract", it wasn't kidding! We couldn't be more far apart on things if we tried! Our love for cars brought us together, but our love for each other has kept us together through it all.

Some of the similar dates I mentioned before...

January 20th & 25th - Mic's birthday, My dad's birthday
February 25th & 27th - Mic's dad's birthday, My mom's birthday
April 2nd - Engagement date, Mic's grandma's birthday, Found out I was pregnant
April 19th - Our first date anniversary & his parent's wedding anniversary
October 7th & 24th - Our wedding anniversary, My brother's birthday
(My brother thinks the whole month is his! lol!)
(Again) December 16th  - Mine & my MIL's birthday (SAME DAY!!!)

So back to our story....

September 2003

I moved to our current city (and Mic's hometown) 10 years ago this year. For someone who has basically lived at home their entire life this was a complete shock! I was supposed to be super excited that I was living with my boyfriend and we were headed in the "right" direction. Instead, I shed more tears than I can count missing my family and home. I finally made it through the shock of living away from home (my heart will always be there) and started working at a job where I could make a career for myself.

April 2, 2005

I worked that morning at the bank and we had a terrible snow storm while I was there. It took me 45 minutes to get home instead of the normal 5 minutes! Mic called me a few times on my cell to find out where I was, how long I was going to be, etc. It was really strange, but I just let it go. I finally walked in the door soaking wet from the snow and was greeted my our cat Diamond. All I wanted to do was take a shower and get some hot chocolate to warm up. But before I could do that, I saw that our cat was wearing a collar (I hate collars on cats & so did Diamond!). I was already very irritated from being cold and wet from the snow and my long drive home, so this just added fuel to the fire! I was petting Diamond for a couple of minutes or so and tried to get the collar off, but no such luck. Mic kept saying it wasn't that hard to do and to just take it off of him. I was just getting more and more frustrated, so Mic finally came over to help me. I remember thinking why doesn't he just do this himself! He ended up picking up Diamond and holding him so I could take the collar off (I swear this ordeal lasted at least 15 minutes at this point). I was finally able to unhook the collar and as I pulled it away there dangled a ring :) Not just any ring.....an engagement ring!


To read the rest of the Mic and Vanessa click here for my The Story of Us post.

Us now...

We have changed in so many ways (except maybe our color choices in clothing).
I can't way to see what the rest of our future has in store for us! :)


  1. I love seeing all these older pictures of my new blog friend!!

  2. Love all the pics! and Journey is one of my favs!! ;)

  3. I'm really enjoying seeing the photos from this series! I liked your "liquid choice" comment. That's pretty crazy how the dates worked out for you guys!

  4. I love that you had the courage to approach him, even if it did mean enlisting the help of your coworkers and a little liquid courage. ;) Fun to hear your story! We are an opposites attract couple too!

  5. What a sweet story! And funny because I would have thought the same thing about the cat---just take it off already :) I loved all the pictures!

  6. Loved reading this :)
    If I haven't said so before, that Christmas photo of the two of you is GORGEOUS!

  7. You guys are so adorable! I love it that he let Diamond be a part of you getting your diamond :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are so cute! Love that you asked him out! I wash he one that approached Mr. Too :-) and the day you got engaged I was getting married! So random.

  9. I loved reading your story and learning more about you!

  10. SHUT UP! I didn't know your cat played a role in the engagement proposal?! Our dog, Lacy (who was the one we just had to put down) did too! :) Our lives are just too similar sometimes. :)


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