Friday, February 20, 2015

FF: Toes, Watermelon & Journey

How it is already Friday?
I feel like the cold we are experiencing in Ohio has changed the way I think this past week.
Since it is Friday, it is time for my favorite moments of the week!

Last week was pretty darn busy, but especially Thursday evening. Between work, running a few errands, and eating dinner at my in-laws I didn't get started on X's Valentine's for school until about 10:30pm!
My lack of creativity and time showed in my opinion, but at the end of the day all the kiddos loved them.
They also loved the fruit tray I sent along for the party as well :) #thankyoukroger
I literally stapled the free printable to the bag of minion graham crackers...and DONE!

When I picked up X after work he had this gift for Mic and I...
Love those hands and foot!
He just melts me :)
He also made a paper heart necklace earlier in the week, but I forgot to take a picture of it :(

Speaking of X, I am about to keep things really real right now.
The kid has decided he doesn't like me. Or at least likes his dad much more than me.
He is fine if it is just him and I in the car, playing together, etc.
However, if Mic is around I am chopped liver!!!
He actually asks tells me to leave the room they are in.
The worst part is that I pick him up from daycare/school every day.
He has now started crying when I get there. Full blown tears running down his bright red face, and even running away from me.
While I try to act as if this doesn't bother me, it has really taken a toll on me these last couple of weeks.
I know he loves me, but boy he sure doesn't show it at school.
Have any of you been through this (fingers crossed) stage with your little ones?
Is there hope for me?

Enough of the sad talk!
On Saturday morning we exchanged Valentine's before heading out into the blizzard to drop X off at my in-laws house.
Later that night Mic and I headed out for an adult dinner and beverages :)
Amaretto Sour, you will always be a favorite of mine :)

Sunday I picked up some juicy watermelon at Kroger and am loving every last bite of it!
With so many events coming up in the next few months I am pushing myself to make better choices and workout a little bit harder.
Why I don't choose watermelon for a snack all the time is beyond me! SO DELICIOUS!!!
It is one of my favorite summer time foods!
 While I am not Catholic, I do enjoy the idea of giving something up for Lent.
My initial thought was to give up pop (soda for those of you outside of Ohio), but then I realized I have a bachelorette party to attend between now and Easter. Mixed drinks will be consumed. #keepinitreal
I am going to give up pop during that time frame, and choose to cheat on that day.
Who knows...I may end up drinking wine all night instead :)
I am also choosing to declutter during this time frame and workout harder.
Why do I have to give up something for Lent? 
Why can't I make myself do something good?
Don't worry about answering those questions since I have already made my mind up ;)

Another favorite from the week have been that Spotify has been spot on (see what I did there) when it comes to my workout music.
I usually just shuffle play 80's. 90's or Hip Hop (keeps me running) so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Journey back to back!!!
#goodworkout #bettermood #favorite

And after seeing things like this all week...

I am looking forward to this weekend, or at least Saturday for one reason...
It is actually supposed to be above freezing!!! I will take it!

How was your week?
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And finally, if you are looking for a cold weather activity for your kiddos this weekend take them to see the new SpongeBob Movie in theaters now!
Click here to see the movie trailer!
And check out the SpongeBob website for fun games too!

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Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Ok I have been there with the spawn that decides you are of the devil and is revolted by you. It passes. Its a control issue and something wee ones do sometimes. Don't worry----he loves you muches and soon he'll be back to being your sweetie pie. It does hurt the feelings though, it did mine! Journey makes me happy!!! My husband karaokes it all the time when we are on vacation....ok that was embarasing to share. Over from the link up! Have a nice (balmy 37) weekend. Mine looks the same and I'm like 600 miles away (South).

  2. Oh my word, Vanessa! Great Friday Favorites and the weather---all I can say is yuck! So sorry about your kiddo---you know he loves you to the moon and back and is probably just going through a phase. Remember that a boy's first love is his momma! I'll pray for peace for you! I am also in love with amaretto sours and all things Journey---my high school boyfriend and I's song was "Forever Yours...Faithfully" Happy Friday!

  3. Love your Valentines they were adorable :) Great job!!
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  4. You valentine's so cute! My grandpa's drink of choice was Amaretto Sour, makes me think of him every time. And that weather, holy cow! That is crazy cold....honestly I don't think I've been in weather that was negative before. I was telling Curtis when we were out grabbing dinner with the kids that people back east can't do stuff like this, just decide to go grab dinner and bring it back home...they would either not leave, or send out one of the parents, not the whole family. Okay I'm rambling...whatever, it's Friday and I'm hungry.

  5. My sweet boy is going through the exact same thing with my husband. If he is around, Davis will tell me to go drink my coffee while he and daddy play. Totally breaks my heart, even though I know he doesn't mean it. Well, he kinda means it… I am catholic and although it is expected for us to give something up during lent, I have also added in something that will enhance my religion. One year I only listed to christian music in the car, another year I added a bible study to my day. Not sure what exactly I'm doing this year, which means I've pretty much missed the boat here, LOL.

  6. Woooo- did you get a blog redesign???!! looking lovely!

  7. Rest assured this is only a phase wit X...he will shuffle back and forth between the two of you several more times as he goes thru the process of figuring out who he is!

  8. I'm just reading Friday Favorites. I know, it's Monday! ;) I love the Valentine's. We are big Minions fans around here. Amaretto Sours = one of my all time faves too! You are giving up soda for lent? (we call it pop too but my husband is from Wisconsin and always calls it soda) ;) I gave it up for the month of December just because and it was hard hard hard for me! #addict My son went through a phase where he only wanted my husband too. As heart breaking as it is for us Momma's, I agree with other commenters that it will pass. Hang in there! Have a great day! :) Love the new blog look btw!


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