Monday, February 9, 2015

The Three D's

The first "D" stands for Date Night.
Mic surprised me on Thursday evening with dinner in Columbus.
After the last couple of weeks of being sick, we have honestly been at each other's throats.
Do any of you get like that?
When we both aren't feeling well, it practically turns into a competition of who is worse.
No fun for anyone!
Anyways, Mic told me to pack up my stuff at the office and meet him at the Mickey D's near our house.
 Being that we had to pick up X in about an hour, I figured that was all we had time for and it was honestly fine with me.
I pulled in and he waved me over to his car, said hop in, and handed me some menus to look through.
We were headed south to Columbus :)
He had arranged for his mom to pick up X and feed him dinner while we enjoyed a few hours to ourselves.
It was perfect!
I choose a place called The Old Mohawk in the German Village area.
The food was good, and the company was even better :)
After getting X to bed, we ended our evening with the new episode of The Blacklist.
If you haven't seen that show you are missing out!
Start from the beginning. You won't be sorry!
Gouda Mac-n-cheese bites

I had the meatloaf special, while Mic enjoyed the Mother Mohawk sandwich.
It was grilled roast beef and chicken salad, topped with Swiss cheese on rye bread.

The second "D" stands for Day Off.
On Friday, I had a doctor appointment in Columbus right in the middle of the day so I decided to take the day and get a few errands done as well.
I enjoyed Starbucks on my drive down, and then hit up one of the malls.
I love Chick fil A, but we don't have one in the field :(
So I sat in the food court by myself and enjoyed those wonderful waffle fries and chicken strips.
It was perfect!

I walked around bit afterwards and didn't buy a thing! I said before, I don't like to shop. I just like the walking around part :)
I did hit up Target before I headed back home and took advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 free sale on Essie polish.
On Friday evening, I tried to do something different with X and pulled out the laundry basket and blankets (ala Andrea) and had drive -in movie night. It worked for about 10 minutes and then he was flipping the basket over on himself :(

I painted my nails Saturday morning with the Mojito Madness before attending a baby shower for a sweet friend.
 They had cute little gift bags that spelled Nico, but of course when I took this pic someone had placed their gift bag in from of them.
 This cake was amazing! I mean like melted in your mouth!
One of the hostess' picked it up from The Suisse Shop Bakery in Columbus.
It was marble with a layer of cold creamy vanilla bean frosting in the center. Oh my! So good!

These cookies from What's 4 Dessert were our favors and so yummy!
I took one bite and gave the rest to X. He thought it looked like a dog bone. lol!

My sweet friend Bobbie :)
She is already a mom to two sweet kiddos, and I am sure Nico will be no different.

Saturday evening Mic decided that he and X needed haircuts, so we were in and out within 30 minutes and then headed to a local pizza joint for dinner.
The one time I didn't take any pictures of X getting his haircut he was wonderful!
No crying. No fussing. Wanted to be a big boy and get it cut.
It was a dream!
And then we went out to eat.
And that is where the third "D' comes into play...Discipline.
How do you discipline your child in public? Particularly a toddler/preschooler.
X does not like to sit still at all.
Meaning, for a whole 5 minutes at most he will sit and eat.
But most of the time he wants to be playing with the curtains, standing up in the booth, walking around, being loud, etc., etc.
I bring a few toys to play with, small snacks until our dinner arrives, and we are those parents that have a tablet with us at all times for backup.
I can't stand to be the center of attention, so trying to get him to be quiet or listen to me is extremely hard without raising my voice.
I am at my wits end.
This past week or so has been the worst.
The trying 3's are real people!
He doesn't listen to anything.
I honestly feel like I am completely failing as a parent.
I have tried doing time out, but the kid won't sit still. He moves from where ever I tell him to stand.
He starts talking when I tell him to be quiet. And he even fake cries!
And I may have mentioned on here once or twice before that I have 0 patience.
Like negative amounts.
Any ideas, suggestions, tips you may have are greatly appreciated.

After the craziness of Saturday, thankfully Sunday was a typical day.
Grocery shopping, naps, laundry, dishes, and Mic doing office work.
After X's nap he wanted to help daddy with his work :)

The rest of the day was playing, eating dinner, bath time, and then bed.

How was your weekend?

And so I don't end on a completely sour note, don't forget to link up with me and Penny on Thursday for


  1. What a fun week...and those Gouda cheese bites...yum!! Having a strong willed child can be so trying. Being able to separate truly bad behavior from just a busy boy can be hard. My biggest advice would be do not worry about what other peeps think! I really had to work on learning to love this side of my son and realize over time I had as big of an issue as he did....but I did have the ability to control and modify my behavior and use my knowledge to help lead him and teach him appropriate behavior. Parenting is hard....and when all else fails I just start calling for Jesus! Unfortunately there is no set template.

  2. Those Gouda cheese bites look so good. At first I read that as mac and cheese bits, those would be good too! How fun a surprise date night! I need one of those...we're taking a anniversary trip at the end of March, it can't come soon enough! So excited, we're going back to the place we got engaged. As for discipline, maybe try a sticker chart? I know that always works for us. We make a month (4 weeks), which really works out to 28 days, sometimes it takes a few months to get through it, in your case since it's eating out, might take a while longer. Anyway, you could have him decide on a toy that he really wants, we did a potty chart and he wanted an orange scooter. Anyway, have him pick the prize, then tell him if he wants a sticker that he has to do this, this and that (you decide), then when you're out to eat you can mention if you want a sticker on the chart for x thing then you have to sit still, no getting up. Gently remind him that you and daddy don't get up during dinner, and that he shouldn't either. I think the main thing is consistency. Be consistent and if you tell him there is a consequence when you get home, make sure that you do it. Good luck!

  3. I am right there with you raising a three year old and I don't have much advice other than keep it up. You are doing the best you can do and that is all you can do. Jack used to want to be held or wander around talking to everyone in the restaurant but now he will sit there for the most part. {We always have a phone or tablet handy just in case} Something that I think helped with Jack was when I realized he was just wanting attention when I was wanting him to leave me alone so I could talk to my husband without a three year old in the middle of everything. {That sounds horrible but it was the truth..} I just wanted adult conversation and he just wanted the attention. I started taking him on dates. Just the two of us would go to the Mexican restaurant in town {cheap, delicious, and sit down} and he would have all of my attention. We would talk, color, and just enjoy each others company. He loved it. It made him learn to stay in his seat and behave because he didn't have the urge to get up and do whatever because he had my full attention. Now that we do that on a regular basis when we go out as a family or with a group of other people I remind him that while this isn't date night for mommy and Jack it is a family fun time and he has to sit there and be a big boy. I make sure he is included in parts of the conversation and if I forget he just reminds me. :) I use our dates as training. It has helped. Praying for you! This momma thing is hard but you've got it!

  4. Sounds like fun!!!!! That food all looks so yummy! I really wish I disliked shopping lol

    I am the parent that gives my child electronics when we are out and she is trying restless....we recently just got a new tablet that will go with us everywhere


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