Monday, February 23, 2015

Favorite Things...@ Target

Let me just start off by saying that if you don't like Target we can't be friends.
Just kidding :) Kind of! lol!

While I absolutely LOVE Target,
I am proud to say that I can easily walk in and out of Target and not spend $100!
And I can also say..
Believe it or not, I have gone to Target and actually walked out with nothing!!!
I have also walked in and out Target in a red top and khaki pants/shorts multiple times.
Maybe I am subconsciously telling myself to go to Target by wearing that combo.

But enough with the ecard fun!
It is time to link up with Erika & Andrea for

And you may have guessed from the title of my post, it is all about Target today!
Honestly, what don't I love about Target?
It is always clean, the displays always look nice (except the $1 spot), and they have fresh popped popcorn!
While my specific Target doesn't have a Starbucks in it, (I know some do) I think that would be like Heaven :)
So here are some of my absolute favorite things @ Target.

 The kids clothing section is awesome!
I can pick up so many pairs of pants, shorts, tees, etc. for under $5 a piece!
And when you have a growing little guy that price point is right what my wallet needs!
We of course load up on X's favorite items too!
Anything TMNT is a huge hit in our house :)
While his face doesn't show it in the above pic, this kid loves that hat & "glubies" set :)
We picked this up 2 winters ago (this photo is from 2 years ago) and thankfully it still fits perfect on him!

$1 spot
Located right at the front of the store it just sucks you in!
Most the time I walk away from it with nothing, but when I am in need of a fun little something for X it is perfect!
Coloring books, gift wrap, holiday socks, stocking stuffers, and more!
All a buck!
Looking to give a simple favor at party or send a note to friend just because?
The $1 spot has just about anything and everything you may need!
I don't know about you, but I love the women's clothing and shoe options!
They hands down sell the very best tanks I have ever owned!
They are seriously cheap, but good quality!
And when they are on sale? You better believe I pick them up in every color available!
They are long and lean. Hold their shape. And can be worn and washed over and over.
These tanks have my heart :)

If you shop at Target and aren't using the Cartwheel App you are crazy!
There are new deals all the time that you can select to have extra savings at the checkout.
My favorite part is the scanner option.
I pick up the items I need and then scan them using the bar code reader within the Cartwheel App.
If there are extra savings to be had, it pops up and I can add the "coupon" to my Cartwheel savings.
Now can someone tell Kroger they need this feature for their app please?! :)

The Target Red Card is another thing you need to take advantage of if you shop at Target regularly.
And you don't have to get the credit card version if you don't want it.
I have the debit card version and it is perfect for me! I think it keeps my shopping there in check ;)
You get 5% off your total bill every single time you shop.
And if you are shopping online with your red card you get free shipping...always!
AND an extra 30 days for returns!
Get it now!

I love popcorn.
Like maybe have a problem I love it so much!
I could it eat literally!
But it has to be good. Fresh popped is my hands down favorite.
I tried the popcorn at Target several years ago and was hooked!
At one point I seriously couldn't leave the store without buying it.
A few times it was the only thing I purchased :) #popcornlover
It has the right amount of butter flavor to salt ratio.
Just wonderful!
For years I picked up this giant size snack for $ I think it is $1.25.
I quite possibly would spend $5 on that bag it is so yummy!
I have turned X onto as well :)

I think I will stop there, but there are so many more things to love about Target!
I would to hear what you enjoy!
What are some of your favorite things @ Target?
Do you stop at the snack bar for some delicious popcorn or a soft pretzel?

And one last ecard to end my post today.


  1. ok first how can someone NOT like target? That is just insaine ;)

    I LoVE the $1Spot!!!! I always try and grab one or 2 of those little tablets for Breanna since she likes to draw all the time!

    We ALWAYS somehow make it to the toy section & and Toddler clothing section too.....I love the womens clothing but usually try and steer clear because i always want everything!!!!

  2. I can't get enough of Target! And I LOVE your new look!!

  3. Did you know that you can also link your Target card to a school and they will receive a check twice a year for 1% of all sales? I now X isn't in elementary yet but if you have a local school that is participating it is worth it!

  4. My daughter has that TMNT tee, ha! Im pretty sure we would be Target shopping buddies :)

  5. So true to the Target and the vacation thing! Sometimes I'll tell Mr. I am going to the grocery store and then just stop by Target really quick...haha. Good thing I have him conditioned to think a grocery store run is an hour...;)

  6. Ah I'm so mad I forgot this link up was today. Target is my happy place! :) You're doing great if you can walk away from the $1 spot with only one thing. I usually end up with about 6. I justify that it's only 2 things per kiddo. Ha ha! We have to get a bag of popcorn nearly every time we are there too. It's the best!

  7. I didn't know their popcorn was so good! Trying it next time :)

  8. i love target and the red card is the best!

  9. I think those little dots in the Target dollar section are psychological - I just can't seem to pass them up! :) And, their tanks -!!!

  10. The Dollar Spot is the best!! And the tanks are awesome!! Have a great week!!

  11. I love their popcorn! That and a cup of coffee makes my Target trip feel like a mini vacation!


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