Friday, February 6, 2015

FF | Pizza & Peeps

This week has been an emotional roller coaster!
While nothing earth shattering happened, it just wasn't a terribly fun week :(
Mic has been sick since at least last Friday, and X decided this would be the week to completely not listen to anyone. Ever.
Add the fact that I still can't get rid of this congestion and cough and you have the house that Satan built!
Wednesday was the worst day of them all.
Just when I thought I was going to throw in the towel, my sweet boy greeted me at daycare with a hug and told me he loved me :)
After that, I went home and had a glass of wine (or two) and realized that life isn't all that bad.
Yes there are moments/days/months that can be really rough.
But there are also moments/days/months that can be truly amazing!
That moment when I picked X up was one of the most wonderful times!
It really turned my mood around for the entire week :)
Love that little guy!

Since I didn't do a weekend recap this week, let's back up shall we.
Friday night we were all feeling a little icky, so we picked up pizza on our way home from work/daycare.
It was so good! And I was so happy not to have to make dinner!

On Saturday I had some errands to run, so X went to Grammy & P's house so Mic could rest.
By that evening he still wasn't 100%, but wanted to get out of the house for a bit.
We grabbed some unused gift cards and hit up Ruby Tuesday for dinner a few towns over.
It was just what we needed!
X loves to move around, so we typically sit at a booth to box him in.
Since we were in a corner he decided he wanted to stand and give lots of hugs :)

Sunday morning looked like this...
Lots of snow and ice :(
I headed to Kroger to do my normal grocery shopping and found that everyone freaked out the day before.
I swear that store was wiped clean!!!

The rest of the day we lounged around until the Super Bowl began.
Apparently I was the only person in blog land cheering for the Patriots. lol!
(See my team spirit here)
Oh well! It worked and they won!
And I still can't figure out how anyone could hate on Tom Brady!

I picked up these holiday Peeps for X, and they were a huge hit!
That Strawberry creme flavor is no joke! They smell delicious!

On Tuesday I did my best Andrea impression with my bracelets and linked up with her as well for Show & Tell - Groundhog Day.
Leather cuff/Crystal bracelet
Reminder: Farmgirl Paints closes at 6pm EST today!!!
Get your orders in before it is too late!

Despite not listening to me at all most of this week (the trying three's are real people!), this kid melts me heart daily.
He wanted to take selfies in the bath tub and I couldn't say no!
Of course they are fuzzy because he wants to see the faces he is making! lol!

After a seriously rough day at work I needed something heavier than water!
Moscato fit the bill perfectly!
X wanted a "fun" drink too, so we make some green milk!
And yes, those are Christmas coasters. Don't judge.

And if you are new around here, check out my Thinking Out Loud Thursday series.
Yesterday I featured my new co-host Penny and played 10 questions with her :)

And last, but certainly not least.....I am off today!
While it isn't just a complete free day, I won't be at the office and I will be heading out of town for the day :)
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Wow! Your FF has so many of my favorites... the garlic sauce, moscato, and the quote bracelet... Do you guys have to get "winter" tires? I get so freaked out driving in those conditions! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. Love those bath tub pictures!

  3. happy off day! How did I miss that bracelet link...checking it out asap.

  4. Even though I'm a die hard Cowboys fan I have to agree that Tom Brady is perfection and we were happy to see him win again.

    I hope you get feeling better! I'm fighting the same stuff. Ugh


  5. I feel like so many kids have been sick.. Poor things.. My Little one has been sick too.. it is not fun.. I hope he gets better!! Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  6. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!! This snow and ice is not helping my mood! I love Moscato and peeps too. ;) I feel like Peeps are a total guilty pleasure. Ha ha! The bathtub pics are adorable. You're right, the terrible 3's are no joke! Thank goodness for their sweet moments! I ordered my first cuff yesterday. I can't wait to get it! Have a great weekend!

  7. Wine makes everything better, doesn't it?! ;) We didn't have the best week over here either - this time of year is hard with being sick of cooped up and just done with winter. Hopefully spring is around the corner! Happy Sunday!