Monday, February 2, 2015

Pinspired | Headbands

Apparently after my post last week I have discovered this whole new girly side of me.
Pink glittery nails, headbands with bows, and a new love for twirl worthy skirts!
Seriously, who am I?
Either way, Pinterest inspired me this past month to explore my girly side.
I see cute headbands on girls/chics/females/whatever you want to call them all the time.
I love the look!
On me, not so much :(
I realized the photos I like best from my girl P, were ones with extra details on the headbands.
Bows to more specific.
Seriously, did I wake up as 6 year old girl?
Anyways, I was literally walking through the little girls section at Target and found this headband on clearance for $1!
Normal size headbands are usually way too big for me, but I never thought this one would actually fit.
It did! And I love it!
I immediately took to Pinterest to look for similar photos.
And then it hit me.
I knew exactly who it reminded me of and I couldn't type faster to find photos!

Here in all my glory is my best Blair Waldorf interpretation.
Big build up. #sorrynotsorry

Now I am on a mission to find similar ones.
Other than the little girls section at Target anyways,
Any suggestions?
Do you wear headbands?
If so, where do you buy them?
How do you style them?

Linking up with some of my favorite fashionable ladies today!
Shay, Sheaffer & Mel for Pinspired!

And to see what I have been wearing the past couple of months, check out my WIWW posts.


  1. Love this look on you! I may have been inspired to jazz up my usual boring headbands!

  2. I love headbands, but they always give me a headache! Thanks for linking up! xoxo, Sheaffer :) p.s. The pics of you and your family on your header are absolutely PRECIOUS!

  3. I LOVE headbands and love to rock a good bow on them as well! Most of mine I've gotten from Target!


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