Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1 in a Minion!

Last year I was so on top of things with my Valentine ideas for X and Mic.
I made Mic this pretty awesome liquor bouquet.
Jack Daniel's, manly valentine gift
 X gave out these super fun Valentine's to his classmates - each included a Hot Wheels car and some Disney Cars fruit snacks.
Toddler valentines, preschool, daycare, cars
 And Shay's Valentine cupcakes were a huge hit with the little and big guy in my life :)
frosting, candy hearts

This year I am so behind!!!
X's Valentine party is on Friday and I haven't even printed his cards yet!
I thankfully decided on a theme and picked up a 12 pack box of Honey Maid graham crackers to give to his little friends.
Now to get my cards printed and attached before Friday morning!!
X has so much energy that I try to stay away from candy if I can, so I guess that means by default his little friends won't get it from me either.
Plus, right now he doesn't really realize these are much better for him that suckers and chocolate.
He just likes to see the little Minions :)
Hoping I can print off something similar to these below.
After writing this post, I totally clicked on that source link and printed those bad boys out!
No time to design new ones, and these are perfect for those Minion crackers :)

We have plans to go out to dinner with two other couples on Saturday evening sans kiddos.
I can't wait!
But I do want to do something special for X during the day if possible.
Just simple little things like writing fun messages on our breakfast.
Enjoying a holiday themed treat.
And of course wearing holiday appropriate clothing :)

So now that I have this post written, I feel like I have a better grasp on this holiday of love :)

Do you wear the typical red or pink attire for Valentine's Day?
Do you make or hand out special treats?
What Valentine's are your kiddos giving out this year?
How do you and your significant other celebrate Valentine's Day?

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Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Those minion valentines are so cute!!!! We don't really do much,maybe once B gets in school we will do more.....I'm just lazy maybe hahaha

  2. I am loving the Minion valentine's. I may give those to my adult friends 😀

  3. Cute ideas! I miss homemade treat Valentines. My older two are 8 and 10, so they just stick to simple cards and boring pencils or homemade heart-shaped crayons. My younger two will be in preschool soon, so I'm looking forward to making them again! We are all decked out for Valentine's Day this year (just posted about it yesterday). The only thing I have to do is pick up donuts for our Valentine's Day brunch, and pick up a few more treats for my kids and husband. Hope you enjoy your week!

  4. I've been feeling behind on the Valentine's day planning too! I've picked up a few little things for each of the kids but we are passing out Walmart Valentines to their friends this year. #momfail Maybe next year. ;) The Minion valentines are cute cute!

  5. Hahahaha- love the minion valentines!

  6. Yeah I haven't even started Valentine's either this year and went all out last year with super cute ones too! Love the minion idea though!