Thursday, February 19, 2015

City, Country, Farm or Suburbia?

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My Thinking Out Loud topic today is homes/houses.
I think all this cold and snow has kept me cooped up at home too much.
I find myself daydreaming of home remodels, moving, etc.
So I figured it was a great topic/question for today.

Are you a city or country or farm or suburbia girl?

I think my thoughts on where I would want to live vary based on the day and my mood! lol!
When I get bored in my current town I crave city life, but when I get stressed out I feel like I would love to escape to a farm that has no one around for miles.
Where I live is strange because it is definitely country, but yet I live in a neighborhood on a cul-de-sac.
So dream world thinking.... I would love for my every day life to be in a neighborhood in a big city, and be able to escape for long weekends or vacations to the country.

If you could live anywhere else within your current state where would that be?

While this winter weather is driving me crazy at the moment, I still love living in Ohio!
While Cleveland will always, ALWAYS have my heart I would love to try out living in Cincinnati.
The weather is a little bit nicer down south for one, the view of the Ohio River is gorgeous, and it is the home to my favorite meal (Skyline Chili)!
It is seriously a beautiful city and reminds a lot of Cleveland when I visit there :)
And I would be close to two of my favorite Cinci girls, Erin & Kayla!

And now just for my pure enjoyment (and maybe yours too) here are some the gorgeous homes and such that I have come across on Pinterest and am completely drooling over right now.
I think I have determined my dream home would be this one!
Southern plantation here I come!!!
I would practically live in one of those chairs all summer if I didn't have to work!

I now think I have truly figured out my dream home scenario....
Neighborhood on the out skirts of a big city
White pillar southern plantation home
Industrial/Rustic interior
MTV Cribs like backyard/pool

Totally achievable! lol! ;)

What does your dream home look like?
What style of home do you currently live in?
What is your decorating style?

X-tremely V
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Happy Thursday friends!


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  2. Those homes are gorgeous. My decorating style looks a bit like something out of Pier ! catalog . . . yes, I shop there alot! Love how they are always changing things around. I am a minimalist so less is best for me. That outside picture with the chairs, most definately would be my summer spot too.

  3. Oh my word, these homes are gorgeous!! I need to win the lottery! :)

  4. I would lovvvve to have a pool like those. Seems slightly impractical for Cleveland...but still glorious!!

    I'm definitely a country girl- which can be a little rough living in the inner suburbs. Ideally, we'll head a little farther east so we're still close to Cleveland- but also not quite as much city!

  5. Love houses with big established trees...and outdoor living spaces like that would definitely make me never want to leave my house!

  6. Love houses with big established trees...and outdoor living spaces like that would definitely make me never want to leave my house!

  7. I have found my happy place on the acreage...however, I toy with the notion of moving to sunny British Columbia quite often...

  8. I LOVE living in the country! I am about 1/2 hour from the nearest city BUT I'm only an 45 minutes to an hour or so away from Los Angeles so I really think I have the best of both worlds.

  9. I need to go enter the lottery so I can re-do my house after seeing all that. :)

  10. I just came across your blog through IG- I also have a love for plantation homes, so much grandeur!

  11. I love this post! Since we are currently selling our home and looking for our next one I am OBSESSED with all things house. I get on kicks of wanting to move to the south and live among the Spanish moss in Savahhah or near the country music scene in Nashville. Or totally up in Vermont in the mountains. Lol but then I come back to reality and continue the search near where we are. It's just back and forth with a new construction house or older house or fixer upper. Ugh. But I'm so with you on the day dreaming!!


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