Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Firmoo for me, Firmoo for you!

Most of you may not know (or care) that I wear contacts all day.
At night I need to give my eyes a rest, but still be able to function (ie. watch TV).
So I turn to my glasses.
I have worn glasses since I was 5 years old...Thanks Sesame Street!
Well, obviously it wasn't Sesame Street's fault but that is who I blame to this day.

When I was younger I hated wearing my glasses.
They were always so uncool.
Let's look past that horrible haircut and focus on the glasses today.
I believe the above picture was from Kindergarten - circa 1984.
I was rockin' my very first pair of specs - ET glasses :)

I tried to get the coolest pair (to me), but they still always got in my way.
In fact, pretty much all of my middle and high school years I didn't wear my glasses or contacts at all.

Forward many years later and glasses aren't so bad.
(Plus, I am older and I kind of need them a lot more than I did way back when)
In fact, there are so many frame options these days it is kind of cool to wear glasses even if you don't need them.
I need them of course, so I was delighted when Firmoo contacted me to pick out a pair with my Rx to review.

Free glasses you say? I'll take em'!
Since I have been paying for glasses or contacts for 31 years (okay, so my parents paid for most of those years)
I know how expensive they can be.
However, the frames Firmoo offers aren't expensive.
They are actually Walmart cheap, and still good quality!

So let's back up a bit.
Before I went on vacation I headed to the Firmoo site and browsed the "blogger" section of frames.
After virtually trying all of them on, I picked out my favorites and started my order.
It was super simple.
Just select your frame, add your Rx to the order and BAM your glasses are being made just for you without ever leaving your house.
Well, that isn't entirely true. You will need to get your Rx from your eye doctor.
I must admit the hardest thing I had to do for the order was measure the distance between my pupils.
(I suggest getting this measurement from your doc as well)

Once my order was placed we left for vacation and when we returned my glasses were there waiting for me.
FYI: They actually come from China.
I opened up my package from Firmoo and and inside was a nice hard case, a mini screwdriver, a cloth to clean them, a travel pouch, and the glasses I picked out.

It was time to try them on!
Unfortunately, the frames themselves are kind of big on me :(

They suggest to order the similar size to your current frames and that is what I did, but unfortunately they are still too big all over.
Also, my Rx is different from my last pair of glasses.

Overall I am happy with the quality of the glasses and how quick they were made and shipped to me, and the price of the frames.
*After wearing them a bit more last night, they are still pretty big on me, but the Rx feels right.
It will just take some getting used to.*

And now for a totally unfiltered photo of me in the glasses.
#nomakeup #nocamerafilters #justme

Are you looking to update your glasses?
Check out Firmoo for quality, low cost frames and receive 15% off for new customers.

** I received my Rx glasses from Firmoo as compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. **


  1. OK, first of all, I think you look super cute in glasses--even your wee pictures. Hairstyles were just not friendly for any of us during the 80's---am I right? But here's a funny---growing up, I was always so envious of my glasses wearing friends that when there was a phase (think late middle school, early high school) that everyone was wearing them to make you look cool and studious, I jumped on the bandwagon and made my way on down to the mall (I think to Claire's or something of the sorts) and got the "fake" glasses. But then I got the whole "I didn't know you wore glasses" from my friends and my parents telling me what a waste of money I had just spent. Now, of course, I consider myself very blessed to have great vision!

  2. I love the case that they came in! Great pick!

  3. You look adorable in them! I'm LOVING that kindergarten photo of you!!! ;) and I like the world travel type case you scored, too!

  4. Cute glasses, even if they are a bit big on you. And can I have your skin complextion, if that is your #nomakeup #nofilter look, what is your beauty routine. Although I guess I'll find out since I think that is the Show and Tell Tuesday next week :)

  5. Love your new frames! I got some recently as well, but from Warby Parker. I love them.

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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