Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Great Debate

Today I am asking all of you a serious question.

What cell phone should I get?

Yes, I know this isn't anything terribly serious but with everything else going on I need to find something else to focus on for the moment.

So here is the deal.
I have had an iPhone 5 for a few years now and I have never been in love with it.

Even way back when I got it, I only got it for the camera since it was deemed the best at the time.
The volume down arrow stopped working awhile ago, which means when a song or video starts playing or someone is talking super loud you are stuck :(
More recently it has decided that the touch screen doesn't want to work.
What does that really mean?
That you can't unlock/open the phone, make a call, or basically do anything.
I think it is officially time to retire it.

Since I have 0 time at the moment to go check out the new phones that are available I am wanting your feedback/input/pros and cons/etc on the phones you like and dislike.
I want to hear it all!
What made you choose the phone you have?
If you could get a different one, which would it be?
Are you an Apple or Android or Windows person?

I am sure you will all be an amazing help in my search :)

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  1. I have had an iPhone which I loved but I wanted a change so I switched to Droid. While I love the way you can personalize them more than an iPhone I think it's just personal preference, I do at times miss my iPhone but I also really like my Samsung. Luckily a lot of places give you 30 days to decide

  2. I finally got an iPhone last year after never having one and am really happy with mine, so I might not be much help here! But maybe you can upgrade to the 6 and you'll like it better? My Dad, who is kind of anti-apple, loves his samsung LG G3, though!!

  3. Still an apple lover after all these years.

    liz sundays with sophie

  4. Sorry I can be of no help, my iPhone was my upgrade from a Sony that supposedly had a good camera but really didnt. Good luck!

  5. Sorry, no help here either, I just take Mr.'s old phone when he gets an upgrade, LOL. I'm stuck in the apple world. Although My MIL has the windows phone and it takes amazing pictures!

  6. I'm iphone all the way. Forevs. :)

  7. I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it's the best phone ever! I love it so much.


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