Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals | The bar is high

Every month I see many bloggers write posts detailing their monthly goals, how did they did on the previous month, etc.
While I have always wanted to do that I flat out forget to do it and half the month is over before I remember to write said post.
So...since it is only July 2nd and I am actually remembering I am diving all in!

1. Pick out and order a 2016 planner
Last year I decided to pick up one at Target and call it a day.
While I really like the look and size of it, it doesn't have any pockets and lacks a lot of the extras that I crave need.
I am on a quest to find a planner this month and get it ordered.
Right now I am leaning towards the Erin Condren life planner, but I am open to donations discounts suggestions ;)

2. Go swimming
This summer hasn't been off to a very good start in Ohio :(
The temps have been averaging in the 60's with lots of rain.
Really hoping the July weather improves and we are able to get outside and enjoy the pool at my in-laws/our future home.
Swimming in a pool just makes it feel like summer to me :)

3. List our house for sale
I feel like I have been talking about doing this forever!
We have a couple things left to paint or touch up, and then it is clean and take pictures!

4. Eat dinner outside
Another issue with having all that rain is that we haven't been able to sit outside for dinner.
Heck, we didnt' even get to grill our dinner during the month of June!
Come on Mother Nature! I need some sunshine in central Ohio!
Preferably in the evenings and on weekends :)

5. Move to our "new to us" house
My in-laws new place is getting the finishing touches on it as you read this so it shouldn't be long before we can start moving their stuff in.
Which in turn means we can start moving our stuff into their old place/our new place!
I am tired of daydreaming about where we will place our furniture, and how fun it will be to grill our dinner out by the pool...I want to do it!

Wish me luck! I am setting my sights high for the month of July!

Do you set monthly goals?
If so, what is on your list for this month?

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  1. Such exciting times! Glad you are enjoying a little summer fun even with the impending move!

  2. I live in Indiana so I hear you on the mild, rainy summer. Hopefully, it turns around now that it's July! And good luck with selling your house and moving! Prayers for a smooth and easy transition for you! I posted my goals for the month here: Monthly Resolution: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) @ Sweet Little Ones Thanks for hosting! -Jess

  3. How fun that you will have a pool!!! I bet your little guy will just love it! Good luck with the move!

  4. I'm leaning towards an Erin Condren too....I just can't seem to do it though.

  5. Caleb HATES eating outside in the summer, lol!!! He hates feeling sticky and the thought of bugs flying around. It cracks me up! Good luck with the new house stuff!!!! E.C is the way to go with planners, I think I'm finally taking the plunge for 2016, too!

  6. Great goals for July! It's going to be a busy month! I'm sure you can't wait to get settled at your new house, and yay for a pool!! I'm so sick of the rain too!

  7. I'm in the market for a new planner too! Let me know what you decide on, I may be too lazy to do any shopping around- just saying! ;)

  8. YAY!!! Goals posts are awesome- and PS, if you want a $10 coupon for EC, I've got a referral link! They are worth every single penny hehe. I'm on my third one and never looking back!

  9. YAY! Goal posts are great, yet I never do them, hehe :) I want to get into the EC planners, but I feel like I am cheating on my current planner that I've had for 18+ years...I just can't let go of my Franklin...and why does everyone buy their next year planner before December of this year, hehe. Yes for swimming and dinner outside! You'll have July, August and September to do that! Or come visit me...pretty please :)