Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites | The date is set!

We had another week filled with rain, but I am looking forward to pretty dry weekend to get some outside things done.

Today I am linking up with some of my favorite Friday gals as well as the wonderful Style Me Bloggers group.

Deena & friends :)

Well, technically a the date for my in-laws to move into their new place has been set.
Even though we haven't figured out our exact date to move, it is getting close and getting real!
July 23rd the movers are set to move all the big and final items out of our future home :)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began on Thursday!
I think I grabbed some great deals and am super excited that the blardigan will be arriving at my doorstep soon!
I finally pulled the trigger and I can't wait to soak up the softness!
Thanks Sheaffer!

I shared my beauty routine on Tuesday and had quite of few comments and emails wanting to know more about oil pulling.
I am working on a post to go live next week with my thoughts, changes, etc.

My go-to summer style is super simple.
Hands down my favorite shorts are from J.Crew Factory.
The colors don't fade, they hold their shape really well, and they pretty much look great on everyone (they come in multiple inseams).
On super hot days I throw on my one of my favorite tanks from Target, on so-so days I grab one of my super comfy vintage tees from Old Navy.
Pair it with my converse, braided sandals, or flip flops and I am ready to tackle the day!
I keep my makeup and hair simple as well.
Tinted moisturizer, chapstick, a quick sweep of eyeshadow and mascara and I am good.
My hair is really easy.
Spray one of my beach sprays in it and I am done.

And my final favorite this week are these two!
My heart just melts for them :)

Did you score any deals in the #nsale yet?
What is your go-to summer style?

Happy Friday!


  1. Excited for the oil pulling post! I love that summer style outfit idea too! Super cute.

    not a mom

  2. Summer go to.....a pair of old, old, old drawstring denim shorts that are so worn they are threadbare and thin and a plain t shirt with flip flops....forget the make up the sun has kissed me. Yep no apologies!!!!

  3. that sweater looks AMAZING, I need something for Fall for leggings...and I need more leggings lol

    Old Navy Vintage tees are my thing!!! I own them in almost EVERY color....they are so comfy and wash up GREAT!!!!

  4. cute sweater, I may need to check out this sale!!

    Love your go-to summer look, super cute!

  5. Oil pulling is totally intriguing to me so I'm looking forward to your post!

  6. OH can't wait for the oil pulling...I am seriously considering getting a Ncard...last year the blardigan sold out before I could get make me want one...I wonder if it will just make me look super short because of the length...and yes to the J crew shorts, I have one pair and I always wear them, need to get them in bright colors now!

  7. thanks for linking up! I love your go-to outfit. I think I need a pair of basic converse

  8. Gorgeous swingy sweater. We don't have Nordies and I hate to get another (tempting) card. But looks like I missed out on some real goodies. Thank you for joining us! Hope to get to know you better.

  9. Love me some JCrew Factory Chinos too!! And is this your first blardigan???? YAY for you!! You are going to LIVE in it!! And love it of course!!

  10. I want to see pics of you all snuggly in your Blardigan!!! I am not a card holder, but I plan to snag one this season--on sale or not!!!! The problem is which ONE??! Too many choices!! XOXOXO

  11. I've been SUPER casual this summer which is totally out of character for me but it's been working. I'm tempted to check out that sale though! I always love some cute new things!


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