Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show & Tell | My Home

I've played along with Andrea @ Momfessionals before showing you my dining room, kitchen, etc.
So you can click the links to see those.
I am linking up once again with Andrea for
Tour My Home Edition!

Today I am showing you the outside of my house.
One, because I normally don't. And two, because my current house and future home are both a total mess with all the boxes and such.

We bought our current home this month 9 years ago.
It was originally built in 1981 and everything was exactly the same when we bought.
ie. - lots of wallpaper, bad light fixtures, brass, etc.
We have made a lot of changes to the inside over the last few years, and just updated our backyard and landscaping this past Fall.
Lucky for whoever decides to buy it :)

I don't seem to have any other photos of our patio, so this one will have to do.
This was right after they poured the new colored cement.
And our finished deck.
 We tore out, or I should say Mic and some friends tore out the big, overgrown pine trees that were here.
I am not really a flower person, but I love the trees that they replaced them with.

Sure hope this place sells quickly!

And now for the outside of our future home.
We have some big plans for this place over the next few years and I can't wait!
Mic's parents built this place almost 40 (1976) years and nothing much has changed since.
I am looking forward to truly making it ours and putting our mark on it :)
The view from the creek looking up at the house.
Our view from the top of the driveway looking down on the creek.

And our view of the road from the creek near where it enters the woods.

So there you have it friends!
Looking forward to documenting the journey of selling our current home and renovating the new one with you all.
We are definitely in for an adventure!


  1. Oh girl...as convenient as it is living in the city....looking at the place you guys are moving makes my country loving heart happy. And a little jealous!!

  2. Oh, I love all that wide open space at your new place!

  3. I LOVE that you have an open creek right in your backyard. That would be some fun playing time!! That deck looks like it would be so nice to sit out on and sip some tea or coffee and read a book. Ahhhh, relaxing!

  4. Can't wait to see the pictures of your renovations of your new place! So exciting :)

  5. LOVE the property at your new place!! can't wait to see more!

  6. Your kids are going to have great fun exploring all that property. It's beautiful!


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