Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites | Ice Cream Joker

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!
The weather man is calling for rain again through Tuesday, but for the last two days (Wed. & Thurs.) we have had beautiful weather!
Not too hot or too cold, and lots of sunshine!
That automatically puts me in a good mood :)

What else has put me in a good mood this week?
Read on to find out!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public today!
That means you need to high tail it to your local store or online and snag one of these amazing sweater/robe/blankets from Barefoot Dreams before they are all gone!
I have looked at them before when Sheaffer told us all we had to get one, but just couldn't justify the price.
They are $30 off during the sale!
Get one, no make that two now!
I ordered the oatmeal stripe in the small/medium and I am in love!
I have read the reviews of how soft it was, but nothing compares to actually having it in your hands.
Oh my word!
X actually stole it from me about 5 seconds after I took this photo and he wouldn't give it back!
I had to bribe him with fruit snacks and such to hand it back over.
At the moment I haven't put another in my shopping cart, but I am seriously thinking these would make great Christmas presents!
#blardigan #ptmt

Fresh hair cut and color, plus good convo with my girl is always good thing!
This photo doesn't do her great work justice!
Kasey added some much needed layers, and amped up my ombre' game!
Love it!
I also love that while I am sitting with tons of foil on my head looking like an alien I can zone out with some magazines and a glass of wine :)

Is it just me or does anyone else take pictures of pictures on Instagram to remember a gift idea or something like that?
This week I found a couple items that I think would make some great gifts or stocking stuffers!
Mic loves to drink hot tea!
This little guy would be a great conversation piece and just fun in general to add to his cup!

I am such a sucker for all things that scream "Hometown Pride"!
The Celebrate Local store in Columbus posted this photo and stated how these beauties from Liberty Pottery can be customized!
I think I need one for my hometown, current town, and Cleveland :)
And because I dont' do well with odd numbers I will need to get a 4th!
Hmm...what to choose!?!?

My favorite after work snack these days.
Have any of you tried this salsa from Kroger?
It is the Private Selection brand and it is so good!

After many requests, I shared my oil pulling journey this week on the blog.
The decrease in headaches alone make this a favorite in my book!

Pretty clear skies, sunshine and ice cream always make the day better!
We stopped by a local spot on Wednesday night to give it a try.
I mean the sign basically told us we had to! ;)

We grabbed a bite to eat before diving into our ice cream.
If you know me, than you know that I am pretty much in love with french fries.
I could easily eat them for every meal of the day all by themselves.
I was over the moon when our fries arrived and it was literally a fresh cut potato!
Hot and perfectly salted.
My mouth is now watering. lol!

This guy was excited to get a waffle cone full of Super Kid!
I was excited to get these adorable photos of him :)

The rest of the night and the next morning he kept talking about how he had Super Power ice cream!

And don't forget I need your help!
Apple or Android?

I've got BIG plans for the weekend people!
Sort, pitch, donate, box, move, and stage! YEH!

So how was your week?
Are you celebrating summer or sunshine or ice cream week?
What goodies did you or will you be snagging in the #nsale?

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  1. omg fries! I could even eat them for breakfast, it's a problem. excited to read about your oil pulling journey!

    not a mom

  2. That tea infuser is cute!!!! those fries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chips and salsa is always a great snack no matter what!

    have a fab weekend!

  3. Can't wait for my blardigan to arrive!! Love your new haircut!

  4. omg EVERYone has that blardigan... i'm feeling left out! lol
    LOVE your new hair, it's so so so pretty!! have a great weekend

  5. I want a blardigan that's not on sale! Boo! Your little guy is so cute :)

  6. Your hair looks fabulous!!! And you can bet your bottom dollar we made ice cream for National ice cream month because ALL of July is for celebrating ;)

  7. Your hair looks great! And X's face with that ice cream is adorable. I hope your weekend of sorting, organizing and purging went well!!

  8. I purchased that exact same Blardigan! Took me forever to finally get my first last year and when I saw the oatmeal color I had to have it. Your hair looks day is always one of my favorite days. And that little tea guy...adorable and a great gift idea! Have a great week!

  9. Yay for the Blardigan!! I blew my $$$ on the Fryes but I WILL be buying a blardigan this fall...full price or not!!! I cannot WAIT!! I want to see how you style it...i think I'll get the oatmeal color, similar to yours!!! XOXO