Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pride & Prayers

Normally I keep things pretty light hearted on here, but this story I am about to share hits my heart too hard not to share.

This past weekend my hometown made the news.
While it is always a joy to think of where I came from, this story unfortunately is not filled with joy.
On Friday afternoon, a 4 year old boy with autism named Sidney went missing.
He was with his grandparents in my hometown right along Lake Erie.
That town dropped what they were doing and joined together to search for this little guy.
By late Friday evening, my Facebook news feed was flooded with updates and stories from so many of these wonderful volunteers.
They combed the streets with flashlights, looking under porch steps and anywhere else a 4 year old boy may hide.
Sidney was finally found after 20 hours.
Unfortunately, that little boy is no longer with us.

I know most of those people who were out searching throughout the night and through the next day didn't know that family or that little boy.

This story is beyond sad, and I truly can't imagine how that family is dealing with all of this today.
My thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to them.

Please add the Heidrick family to your prayers.
You may also send your prayers, thoughts, or donations to the family at the GoFundMe page that has been established in Sidney's name.


  1. So sad, definitely will be praying for the family.

  2. So sad Vanessa...hard to even comprehend.

  3. I cannot even imagine. This is so sad. Many prayers.

  4. This is such a devastating story. I hate the outcome, but what a wonderful outpouring of community support.


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