Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites | (Root) Beer

Hey, Hey!
It is Friday! And that means it is time to link up with some favorite ladies of mine :)


Last Friday night we headed over to my in-laws house to load up some boxes for their new house and to have dinner.
We enjoyed some yummy tri-tip cooked on the big green egg.
Just about everything tastes better being cooked on that thing!

I finally got to try Not Your Father's Root Beer with dinner and OH MY was it delicious!
You definitely don't think you are drinking beer!
Which can be good and bad.
Either way, I think I found my new drink to take me into the Fall :)
Have any of you tried this yet?

Saturday morning we were back over there fairly early to get some of our things moved in :)
We made a pit stop for some of our favorite apple donuts on our way.

This beauty became my friend outside while I was waiting on Mic.
My name means butterfly, so seeing them up close and personal always puts a smile on my face.

X is obsessed with playing basketball recently.
He says he is Lebron James (GO CAVS!) right before he dunks the ball.

I had a rare moment on Sunday morning where I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a new magazine :)

And then I found out I won a pair of sunnies for me and a friend on Instagram from Oakleigh Rose Boutique.
I picked these blue ones for something different from my gold ones.
Can't wait for them to arrive!

When you have an absolutely rare day that you wake up and your hair naturally has the right amount of body and wave you crave, you document it!
Thank you Monday, July 20th :)

Mic had to work late, so X and I do what we do best...take pics and selfies of him after bath time!
Love this kid!

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. I haven't tried that beer but it sounds great. I wonder if it sold regional or nationwide? Those apple donuts look yummy, mmmm! Your little guy is so cute, love the pics! Have a great weekend. xo Amanda

  2. Apple donuts are AMAZING. Yum! Love your hair! Mine NEVER has waves!


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