Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Things | Summer Shoes

Even though Ohio truly has all four seasons, I really just have two in my world...
Boot season and Sandal season :)

In the Fall, Winter, and early Spring you usually will see me wearing some form of a boot.
Whether it is a dressy boot for work, a casual boot for the weekends, or some Hunter boots for the rainy/snowy days.

Once things melt away and the temps hit 50 you will see me rockin' some form of sandal.
Wedges, booties, flip-flops, flats, etc.

Today I am linking up with Andrea & Erika for another round of 

Today we are talking about our favorite summer shoes.
I really have three types that I wear all summer long.


I have others, but my go-to flip-flops are always from Old Navy.
They are super cheap and literally come in any color you could possibly need!
They are easy to throw on to head out to the pool, the beach, or just running around.
They are usually under $3 a pair.
For that price you can get them in all of the colors and replace them every single summer!
I have way too many of them, so I just throw them all in a laundry basket in the bottom of my closet.

I joined Alison over at Get Your Pretty On for the Spring Style Challenge back in 2014 and these next sandals were on the shopping list.
I wear them all the time!
They seriously go with everything and I get so many compliments on them.
Best part?
They are from Target!!!
Even better?
I have the pewter ones, but they also come in black and gold.

When I am not feeling flats, I turn to wedges.
Again, another suggestion from Alison from the 2015 Style Challenge.

And lucky you, they are still available at Target as well!
I love these shoes!
They are actually really comfortable and go with just about everything I own!
I have them in the cognac color, but they come in black as well. 

Now it is your turn!
What are your favorite summer shoes?
Any you can't live without?

Happy Monday!


  1. Old Navy flip flops are a MUST!!!!

    I was actually just looking at those Target sandals the other day, I still think I may have to go back and buy them!!!

  2. Soooo wish I could wear wedges that tall!

  3. I was just at Old Navy last weekend when they had the $1 flip flop sale....I somehow restrained myself because I really didn't need to add 5 more pairs to the 10 already in my closet!! haha!

  4. Couldn't agree with you more about the Old Navy flip flop! I love to buy a few extras and keep some in the car for emergencies! Those wedges are so cute!

  5. I love those Old Navy flip flops too! So easy and cheap. And Target always has really cute shoe options too!

  6. Can't go wrong with these choices!

  7. I need to make a trip to the Shoe section at Target!

  8. Yes girl, ON flippers are the best! And I have those wedges from Target. I love them!

  9. Those wedges are gorgeous! Target shoes are THE BEST!

  10. I blogged about those wedges from Target too! They are absolutely adorable! They have been in my cart for far too long and I think I need to buckle down and buy them! Hope you have a great day!

  11. Those braided sandals are seriously SO CUTE! Oh man, I feel my wallet beckoning me now!! haha


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