Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Savannah | Tybee Island Part 1

I began loading photos for this post thinking I could recap it all in one shot.
That just is not happening!
I have way too many pics! lol!
So I will have a part 2 coming soon :)

Day 1
Mic has been wanting to try breakfast at Taco Bell for awhile now, so we stopped on our way out of town.
Not too bad.

And then we drove for awhile.
We needed to get some gas and lunch so we swung in the Charleston Town Center in West Virginia.
 Chick-fil-A for the win!

We always take a couple of days heading south so we don't have to be in the car for 12+ hours.
So we stayed at one of our favorite spots in Winston-Salem, NC - Brookstown Inn.
 X's shirt was perfect for the trip.
He may or may not have asked a million times if we were at our home at the beach, our house here, our hotel, etc.!

Day 1 ended with some dinner at The Old Fourth Street Filling Station :)

Day 2
 We hit the road for the last 4 hours or so on the way to Savannah.
This is the bridge you cross just south of the South Carolina/Georgia border.

X was ready for some fun after being in the car, so we hit up the hotel pool before dinner.

Just because we were on vacation didn't mean it wasn't Friday night pizza night!
We hit up the Mellow Mushroom and devoured those pies!
 We headed back to our hotel for the night and this was the view from our room/balcony!
 And in daylight :)

Day 3
We had time to kill on Saturday before we could check into our condo in Tybee Island for the week so we walked around the historic district of Savannah.
MY FAVORITE place to be!

The night before ran long, so we celebrated X's 1/2 birthday with cupcakes at Mabel's Cupcake Emporium.
Oh my were these good!
 X had the Famous Mabel, Mic had the Strawberry, and I had the Key Lime Pie flavor.

 The first Friday/weekend of the month River Street has live music on the street, some street vendors, and apparently a bounce house park.
Mic and I knew X would not be able to just walk by them, so we let him jump around for a bit :)

 He had a blast!

After lunch and bouncing around, it was time to check in at our condo.
It was almost 5pm at this point, so we just walked out to the beach to check it out.

 X practically held his beach toys in his lap the entire ride from Ohio, so we knew we had to let him dig a bit before calling it a day. 

 Attached to our condo building was a little restaurant that we greatly appreciated being there by the end of the week!
We grabbed dinner there our first night.
Well, Mic and I did ;)
 Horrible pic, but X was out!
We no more than ordered our food and he fell asleep.
All that walking, jumping, and digging finally caught up to him.
This was about 6:30pm and he slept until about 7am the next morning!

So Mic and I did what only seemed logical...enjoyed some Key Lime Pie for dessert!
 Marlin Monroe's sits right on the beach, so you can walk up and order food, have it delivered to your table at the pool, etc.
You can even have your wedding reception there!
I tried to take some pics from the 2nd floor looking down on the party.

Day 4
 Good morning from Tybee Island, Georgia!
It was a great day to spend at the beach :)

 Since Mic and I have been to the area before we had a few restaurants we knew we wanted to hit up during our week there.
The Crab Shack was high on our list!

 "Where the Elite eat in their bare feet"

 Cats roam freely here.
Actually, I think they roam freely all over Tybee Island!
We saw cats everywhere we went.
Our condo complex had minimum 8 hanging out by the dunes!
 Mic ordered this below.
That pic does not to it justice!
It could easily serve 3 people and this was the portion for just 1!!!
 I ordered the Low Country Boil and was ready to dive in.
 Well that was until I realized the shrimp (which I RARELY eat) had tails, and shells, and legs!!!!!
 We had to document this scary, amazing, probably one and only time I will do this.

Mic had craw fish on his platter and decided to tease X a bit with one of them :)

 You can't leave The Crab Shack without visiting/feeding the gators.

Day 5
 We skipped the beach and decided to have fun at the pools.
That kid is a fish!
So excited for future summers and our own pool :)

 After lots of swimming and fun in the sun, we cleaned up and headed into Savannah for dinner at my favorite restaurant in all of Savannah - Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub.

 Mic changed it up and ordered the Scottish Meatloaf.
 Meanwhile, I stuck with my tried and true Shepherd's Pie.
Seriously, the best I have ever had!
 We then walked around a bit and made a stop at the famous Leopold's Ice Cream.

 This kid sure has found a love for ice cream!
Well, he actually likes about two bites of the ice cream and then wants to just eat the cone!
 Love these two! :)

Ok, I am exhausted.
Part 2 (Days 6- 10) will be coming soon :)


  1. Oh my gosh. I need a beach STAT! Isn't it funny how in the south cats just seem to roam around wherever they want? Not really belonging to anyone particular haha! I love all the food in these pics! Making me hungry!

  2. That jump park is brilliant! I laughed when you mentioned the shrimps with tails and legs and then your expression!!! Not sure how I feel about those gators just hanging out under the restaurant?!

  3. I love Savannah! Leopold's has such good ice cream!! It looks like you had so much fun!


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