Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Savannah | Tybee Island Part 2

Let's get right into it!
You can read Part 1 here.

Day 6
We practically had the beach to ourselves!
I turned on the radio and X ran around dancing to the music :)

For dinner we hit up our favorite BBQ spot - Sticky Fingers!
Yes, I understand it is a chain...but we don't have it up north, so we stop there whenever we have a chance.
These wings are seriously THE BEST wings I have ever had!

I forgot to add these photos to my Part 1 recap, and I just couldn't leave them out so you get them in random order!

Day 7
The weather showed rain for the afternoon, so we hit the beach for the morning before taking a drive around Savannah.

Rain = not outdoor walking weather
So we headed inside one of the local malls and let X burn off some energy.

The best part about X handing out on the those was that he didn't actually want to ride them!
He just wanted to jump from one to the other to look at them so we didn't spend a dime!

The rain stopped for a bit so we decided to walk around River Street again.
I just love it there!
This is the hotel we stayed in during our honeymoon :)

We decided to have dinner at Molly McGuire's and started off with the hot bread and cheese app.
Oh my!
I might have found my new favorite app!
Who needs chips and salsa when you can have hot bread and cheese?

 Day 8
We decided to skip the beach and head to the Tybee Island Lighthouse.
We actually walked up all 178 winding steps with X.
X actually walked about 10 of those and then wanted carried the rest of the way!
By the time we made it to the top we were a sweaty mess :(

It is a beautiful view from the top...if you aren't terrified of heights!
I quickly took a couple of pics and headed back inside with X to wait for Mic.

After walking all those steps it was time for lunch!
We headed back to Savannah to the Soho South Cafe and I enjoyed a mini Key Lime Pie. #yum

Day 9
Our last day at the beach :(
X didn't want to go to the beach and Mic and I were totally fine not lugging all our stuff back to the beach, so we just headed down to the pool for the day.

Perks of hanging out at the pool is lunch is brought right to your chair.
Drinks too! :)
It's been fun Tybee!

After naps, we cleaned up and got ready for dinner.
Since X and I aren't big seafood fans we ended our week at the ocean with some pasta!

Day 10
We packed up the car Saturday morning and hit the road towards Ohio.
When driving through Virginia you go through two tunnels.
X was so excited to drive through these tunnels and I couldn't wait to beep the horn!

We knew we were bedding down some where in West Virginia for the night so we stopped at a local steakhouse for dinner.
Have any of you ever ate at a Sagebrush?
Wow was it bad!
Note to self, well Mic, when presented with a chain Vanessa likes or something new...go for the one she likes! ;)
Lonestar was right next door.

This guy traveled really well and had no accidents!
We had to stop for some DQ before bed as a reward :)

In deep thought...

Day 11
We woke up, gassed up the car, grabbed some Starbucks and hit the road for home.
We made it home, unloaded the car, and then hit the road again headed north.
We had a family funeral in the morning :(

The three of use "camped out" in my dad's basement that night.
X loved it!

And on Tuesday everything went back to normal.
Well, as much as it could.

We had a great time getting away from Ohio, but at the same time boy we are happy to be back to our routine :)
Or at least I am!

I really think you need a vaca from your vaca to regroup! lol!
Are you more exhausted when you return from a family trip or do you feel relaxed and ready to go?


  1. I LOVE all the pics! I have been wanting to go to Savannah so bad! It looks so cool. Why are all pictures of kids on the beach so precious?? I love their face and just to see how they are soaking up that moment! and yes we are normally exhausted after vacation. It takes us a few days to regroup! ;)

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I love all the beach pictures and am totally down with the hot bread and cheese---I mean for reals! I'll ask for that at the next Mexican restaurant I go to and see what they say ;)

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. It looks like you had a great trip!!!


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