Monday, June 1, 2015

The Weekend | Food, Friends & Fitness

Friday night I picked X up from school and we headed off to meet my in-laws and Mic's uncle for dinner.
I don't know how my parents kept us busy when we were kids out to dinner!
Thank you God for the tablet being invented!
Movies on that thing save many meals for us!
X really wanted to go to Grammy and P's house after we ate.
We let him run around there for a bit before calling it a night.
Lately everything he does he has to "win" at it.
Even walking!
#onlychildproblems #threenager

I had been looking forward to Saturday morning for awhile now.
So thankful the rain held off so I could enjoy Pilates in the Park.
It was hot and muggy, but a great workout!

I stole the two pics above from the Wishmaker Facebook page.

Followed by an amazing brunch at the Wishmaker House :)
Saturday afternoon we slept. A lot!
After X woke from his 3 hour nap, we played and then it was basically time to call it a night.
We took goofy selfies with graham crackers before bed :)
Sunday morning we were all about strawberries!
Especially with cool whip! :)
Am I the only one who uses the cool whip dish instead of putting it in another bowl when it is almost empty?!
Love my healthy eater!
This boy sure does love his fruits & veggies!
I guess I am doing something right! #momwin
The rest of the day was filled with lots of rain, and lots of errands!
And no Sunday would be complete without a trip to Kroger!
The temps dropped quite a bit, so I warmed myself up with my go to cold weather drink -
White Chocolate Mocha Latte :)
Don't mind my chipped polish in the pick below. That has now been removed.

So how was your weekend?
Looking forward to anything fun this first week of June?
On that note, how the heck is it already June 1st?!?!


  1. OK, it's not just me! I totally do that with the Cool Whip bowl too---fruit, jello, you name it, it's going in there :) No sense in dirtying up another bowl. Sounds like you had a fun weekend and IKR--can it be June already?!?

  2. Seriously how is it June 1st?! So funny you mentioned taking that picture off their FB page, I was totally thinking, I wonder how she got a picture of them all doing Yay for #yesmom everytime I want to tell my kids no, I think of that hashtag and almost always say yes :)

  3. Yes to tablets!!! I love going to Chili's now since they have the tablets kids can play games on. So worth the .99! When the dip container gets low, I crumble chips and mix it with a spoon and eat it....not near as healthy as strawberries :)

  4. It looks like you had a good weekend! I totally do that with the cool whip container! Why on Earth would I dirty a dish?!? Enjoy your week!


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