Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites | My Town

I don't think I could be more happy that Friday is here!

Let's get to it!

Linking up with my Friday Favorites hosts below :)


While X and I were home sick together over the weekend we started watching some YouTube videos of Monster Trucks.
Then he found the videos that do monster truck toy reviews. He was in heaven!
It has quickly become one of his favorite things to do each night!

We got to bring treat to X's t-ball game on Wednesday evening :)
X still (thankfully) only drinks water and milk at 3 1/2 years old.
So instead of bringing juice boxes for the kiddos, we picked out X's favorite beverage to share :)
Mini bottles of water for the win!
It seemed the rest of the parents were quite pleased with this. #winformommy

X is always so excited for his "games" on the way there, but then once we get there he rather pick at the grass :(
Hitting the ball is probably his favorite part of the game, so he will sit on the bench and wait his turn like a good boy then :)

 Thursday morning some of the kiddos in X's preschool group were graduating onto Kindergarten with a little ceremony.
The rest of the preschoolers got to take part and help sing songs, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and recite a poem.
Definitely a favorite moment of mine was watching my little guy do his thing!

When X's name was called to get his certificate and book, he ran up to his teacher.
She then mentioned that he never stops running.
Glad it isn't just for me! lol!
 He was being super goofy and moving all around so this was the best shot I got of my favorite preschooler!

On the docket for Thursday evening is a couple of my favorite things...
 Mowing the grass is seriously something I love to do!
In high school I used to load my dad's mower into the back of my truck and cut grass for the ladies at my grandma's church.
It was a great workout, and easy money in the summer :)
I also plan on taking advantage of this beautiful weather and grilling our dinner tonight before all the rain comes in this weekend.

How was your week?
Did your kiddos graduate from preschool, kindergarten, etc.?

Today I am also joining my favorite fashionable ladies to discuss our towns.
While I would love to showcase my hometown or even my favorite city, but I will follow the rules this time around and talk about my current town. Mic's hometown. X's hometown.

So there is this movie that came out about 20 years or so ago and is kind of popular.
I guess it makes the best movies of all time list for most people.
Not sure if any of you heard of it....The Shawshank Redemption.
Don't hate me if you love this movie, but it was just okay in my book.
However, if you like it than you probably should visit the 'field on your next trip through Ohio.
We have the Shawshank Trail tour that you can explore the old prison and some more local spots from the movie.
I have even known people to spend the night at the prison! CRAZY!!!
It has been featured on a few different ghost hunter shows like the one below.

Beyond that movie being filmed well before I moved here, I live in a pretty small town.
Honestly, I grew up in an extremely small town but somehow being on the shores of Lake Erie and within 20 minutes from Cleveland made it seem pretty big.
The field is about 1 1/2 hours south of Cleveland and about 45 minutes north of the out skirts of Columbus.
(And yes, here in Ohio we measure distance by how long it takes to get from point A to point B.)
Why does it seem so small here?
Because there is literally nothing but farm fields from here to Columbus and most the way to Cleveland!

Despite feeling like I have very few options around here, it is a great area to raise a family.
The cost of living can't be beat, and we live in a wonderful school district!
In fact, as of right now my little guy will follow exactly in Mic's footsteps from the same preschool, and elementary through high school.
That is kind of cool in my book :)

What else can I tell you about the field?
Hmm, we are home to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

If you are an Indy race fan, apparently this is the place for you.
Motorcycle races are big there too.

We also are home to the Miss Ohio pageant every year.
It is actually a week long production that I enjoy since they close down the town square and set up carnival food stands.
Can you say funnel cake?

What to know more?
Just ask!
Or click here to see what else the field and surrounding area has to offer.

Happy Friday!


  1. I've been to my share of tee ball and even coach pitch games that my son played in the grass or dirt most the game! It gets better. ;) X looked so cute at the preschool ceremony. Have a great weekend!

  2. lol I loved that movie!!! I would NEVER go somewhere I knew was haunted, it blows my mind people want to sleep there, yikes!

  3. Okay so many things I love about this post - we're soul sisters! I LOVE mowing and started out by mowing the church lawn. I find it oddly therapeutic now. We're playing t-ball too - my hubby always tells the boys "don't be out there picking flowers!" haha
    And lastly, Shawshank is my all time favorite movie (you need to watch it better, girl) so I might have to come visit your town :) -

  4. I confess that I've never seen that movie. Small town living sound so quaint! I'm sure it's a great place to raise a family. I bet you don't even lock your cars!

    ~Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

  5. X is so cute at his little preschool thing. That smile. And like Shaunacey, I don't know how/why anyone would want to sleep there! Crazy talk! I can't even watch the trailer for a scary movie without getting nightmares. And I've never seen Shawshank Redemption...

    1. OH and funny how you measure things in how long it will take to get there. Here 45 minutes could only take you 5-10 miles! Traffic sucks.

  6. Catching up on all of the posts while I was on vacay and I finally found something we are NOT alike with. I HATE mowing the grass!!!! :)

  7. Shawshank is on my top three fave movie list, lol!!

  8. I love small towns and baseball. I think you and I are tomboys at heart.

  9. Love this!! The graduation pics are soooo cute!!! Your town is fun. The race track is so cool!! And that prison?!? yikes!!

  10. Isn't crazy how kids get into those YouTube videos?!?! My girl will sit as long as I let her and watch videos of people opening things and talking about them.


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