Thursday, May 7, 2015

TOL | X Edition

Because I don't want to forget what came out of X's mouth on Thursday night, I am recording it on here :)
Right after the Cleveland Browns picked Danny Shelton with the 12th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, my child stopped what he was doing and asked for a baby.
Baby X just 3 days old :)

He then proceeded to clarify that he wanted a sister baby.
Had I had food or drink in mouth I would have spit it out!
We have never discussed anything about siblings with him, because it just may not be in our plan.
So for him to request this was truly out of the blue!
I was speechless.
So I guess I am asking you.
What do you say to your only child when they ask for a sibling?
Or more specifically a sister baby ;)
I honestly laughed, smiled, said "ummm, ok" and then said "it's time for bed".
Smooth Vanessa. Real smooth.

Now it is your turn!
What are you Thinking Out Loud about today?
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  1. AH! Sister babies are awesome! One of the ways I answer awkward questions (or questions I just don't have the answer for!) are to say, "mommy doesn't have the answer right now but I'll get back to you real soon". And, I always make sure I get back to them after I've had a chance to digest/come up with an answer for them - I stink at thinking on my feet!

  2. Pretty sure I would just tell him that was all up to God! Unlike Holly who thinks on it....I'm the mom who blurts something out and then continue to give way more info than they really need. :)

  3. Talk about a surprise question! Wonder what brought it up?! Well good luck! :)

  4. LOL! I woulda spit my food/drink out too!! Maybe he knows something you don't ;)


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