Monday, May 4, 2015

Growing boy

I feel like all I do anymore is feed X!
I no more than make him breakfast/lunch/dinner and he is asking for more!
Is this normal?
If so, what I am going to do when he is a teenager?!?!

Even though it was rainy and cold, Mic had his first night of golf on Thursday evening.
Since it was just X and I for a couple hours, and the draft started that night we picked up some pretzel crust pizza again from Pizza Hut for dinner. #YUM
That kid ate 3 full size bread sticks, a huge slice of pizza, and still wanted more!!!
I swear he looks like a 10 year old vs a 3 year old in that pic!

On Friday morning I stopped by Starbucks on my way to work :)
The S'mores frap was yummy, and 90's on 9 was killin' it!
Perfect way to start my day!
 We stopped by in-laws new place on Friday night to check on the progress of things, and decided to swing through my favorite ice cream spot for dinner :)
Somebody said he wanted a cup of blue ice cream, but then stole my cone of Superman!
 He also said he wanted a hot dog with mustard, but as soon as he saw mine with ketchup he stole that too!
Grr! #lessonlearned
This was his "why are you taking my picture mom" face! lol!

We then headed  home and the boys washed my car for me :)
X thought his hands were doing a better job than the sponge :/

 We watched more of the draft on Friday night and then called it a night.

Saturday morning I just about had a nervous breakdown.
I tried on my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding in a couple weeks and the straps looked funny.
I thought I was going to die!
Thankfully, after freaking out a bit I called the lady who altered my dress and she said she can fix the straps for me :)

I then headed to the outlet stores to stock up on summer clothes for X,
enjoyed a solo trip to Target, visited Ulta, and picked up paint for our front door.
It was a very productive day!

Since the boys spent the day at home we decided to head out to the lake and have a picnic.
Problem with that is that every way we tried to get to the lake was closed :(
We finally gave up, turned around, and ate our dinner caveman style at my in-laws house so X could play by the creek after dinner.
 We watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening as well.
Did your horse win?
My first horse didn't finish in the top five, but my second pick came in 4th - Frosted.
 See that piece of cake there?
X ate that whole thing in seconds, and then asked for another!
Mic was going to give him a bite of a similar size piece, but when X got a hold of it he put the entire thing in his mouth!
What am I going to do with this kid? lol!

Sunday was gorgeous!
Mic mowed the grass while X and I hung out outside to catch a few rays.
He loved rockin' his new aviators :)

We ended our weekend with a short visit from my dad, hanging out by a fire, and enjoying some kaluska for dinner :)
Great weekend!

How was your weekend?
Were you able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine?


  1. Girl, I hear you on the never-ending feeding! My 4 year old is going through it now, too. Also, there's a S'MORES frapp?! I'm definitely trying one of those for half price this afternoon.

  2. Haha- little man must be growing! It's crazy how much boys eat- I live with a grown one and I'm shocked at how fast we go through food ;) I'm glad you had a fun, productive weekend. I just got some goodies from Ulta with my bday coupon!! It had been FOREVER since I'd stopped in there!

  3. I love that picture of him in his sunglasses with your reflection!! So cute! Get ready girl...they get bigger and hungrier!

  4. Oh my goodness he is so darn precious!!! My Jagger just hit a spot where he is a bottomless pit! It is unreal. He eats more than all of us!


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