Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Brother is Married!

In case you couldn't tell, I wasn't here on Friday.
It was my little brother's wedding weekend, so we packed up the car on Friday morning and headed north to celebrate!

After picking up tuxes and such, it was time for the rehearsal.
I had to get a quick pic with my brother before things started :)
 My now SIL gave X a special present since she was officially becoming his Aunt!
So sweet!

 The rehearsal dinner was at Buca di Beppo and it sure didn't disappoint!
We enjoyed these mini cannoli's (my brother's favorite) for dessert :) YUM!

The wedding arrived and that meant it was time to meet up with the bride and her girls to get ready!
Samantha looked gorgeous!

I showed the hair stylist this pic for inspiration.
The lighting in the bathroom was horrible and my hair is pretty dark!
This was the best I could get of the back of my hair :(
Waiting to see the wedding photos for a better shot hopefully!
Of course a selfie with the bride was in order before getting her dress on!
From about that point on I put my phone away and just enjoyed the evening.
I stole this pic off of Facebook of Mic, X and I coming down the aisle :)

These two truly love animals!!!
Their dog Chompers walked down the aisle with my brother as the flower girl.
 They had a movie/TV theme to the reception so everyone sat at tables named after movies and such.

Samantha put this cake topper together herself.
She found the animals and the bride and groom, and then painted them to look identical to her, my brother and their three animals!
It was awesome!

 They came out and did a traditional first dance, but then followed it up with a little choreographed number to Uptown Funk :)

I stole this pic below too!
X seriously danced the night away!!!
My step brother's daughter danced with him the entire time.
They even slow danced together!!! lol!
We had so much fun Saturday celebrating with everyone!

Not gonna lie, Sunday was rough!
We were exhausted!
After returning the majority of the tuxes, we stopped and enjoyed lunch at The Rail before heading home.

We made it home and immediately crashed.
We finally woke up about 7pm and decided to get a late dinner at Cracker Barrel, and reward X with a new toy for being so good all weekend at the wedding festivities.

Can't wait to hear about Richie and Samantha's honeymoon in Hawaii when they return!

The photographer (and my friend) just added some pics to Facebook from the wedding and I had to steal this one!
Oh my goodness! I am so in love with that little guy!


  1. Happy married life! Read also,

  2. I watched the video you posted on FB, so beautiful! And if there's one thing I remember about my brief stay in Tennessee is loving eating at Cracker Barrel, lol.

  3. What a beautiful/fun/unique wedding! Love the movie themeing AND how talented is your SIL w/ that cake topper? You all look stunning :)

  4. Oh my goodness! Love it all - the pic of you guys walking down the aisle together, your brother's dog being the flower dog, the attention to detail, the dancing! All of it! Looks like fun was had by all!

  5. What a fun wedding weekend! Love that last picture of X!

  6. What a fun themed wedding. Glad that you put the camera away and just enjoyed the day! Post more pictures when you get them. The one of X and the sunglasses, I'm dying!

  7. Love the last picture! It looks like it was a really fun wedding!


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