Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites | #TheMainEvent

This week has been crazy!
We returned from our vacation Sunday afternoon, unloaded the car, and then immediately headed north for a funeral.
We finally arrived home for good on Monday night around 7:30pm!
It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

We then tried to stay up to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday, but were out by half time :(
So sad to wake up to hear that they lost, but I will always be #AllinCLE for life!

Then on Wednesday I headed back north for the NKOTB, TLC, and Nelly concert with 2 good friends from high school.
Great show!

 Getting to spend time with good friends is always a favorite thing to do!

 This is the face you make when the concert you are going to starts in 10 minutes and your server just tells you that the kitchen forgot to make your food! :o
 They tried making it up to us with one of my favorite shots and another round of drinks.

After shoving my food down faster than I can even imagine we headed over to the Q for #TheMainEvent

Thankfully, Nelly was just starting as we were getting to our seats.
Hands down he was my favorite of the night!
I bet you would have loved him too Erika ;)
Oh, and my pics do not do our seats justice!
We were center stage, just off the floor.

 Glow in the dark bracelets because again, we are 8 year old girls in 36 year old bodies! :)

TLC performed next and they did not disappoint!
They sang all my favorites including Waterfalls.

Side note: Back in high school my friend Kelly and I went to Cedar Point and decided to do the karaoke recording session thing. Well, we decided to sing Waterfalls by TLC.
If you know the song, or watched that video, you know there is a rap portion done by Left Eye.
Yours truly performed that rap that day. lol!

 After almost two hours of dancing and fun, it was time for NKOTB!
 My favorite back in the day was Joey McIntyre.
I mean, I was going to be Mrs. Joey McIntyre! lol! 
 These days Joey is still a good looker, but I have moved onto Donnie Wahlberg :)

They played all of my favorite songs and some new fun ones too!

Still bummed my pics are so blurry/fuzzy and so far away, but I will have the memories of a great time with good friends forever :)

Another note to add - All of the guys in NKOTB are in their 40's and still ran like they were 20!
Well, maybe not Jon ;)

Who is your favorite New Kid?
Were/are you a Nelly or TLC fan?
What are your favorites songs by any of them?

Linking up today with Andrea, Narci, my fellow Nelly lover - Erika,
Karli & Amy :)

Happy Friday & Happy Father's Day Weekend!


  1. Did you know Jon has bad anxiety and he actually left a few shows one tour....and was really hard for him when they got back together?

    I am a Jordan girl but have recently became a Donnie girl too!!! I am glad you had fun. Did the set list help out??

  2. Is there video proof of your TLC rapping karaoke days?! ;) I must see this! I'm glad the concert was so fun, and that's awesome the restaurant gave you some free drinks for the wait!

  3. Looks like you had a blast at the concert! How fun!

  4. I wish this tour was coming closer to me...I have seen them 3 times since they started touring!

  5. Wish I went to this!! It was just in here!! I am the same as you....I LOVED JOEY when I was little but Donnie's my fave now!! Hope you're having a great week!!


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