Friday, June 26, 2015

So I want to be an astronaut

Hey Hey! It's Friday!
Other than being busy at work, this week has been pretty low key.
But there are always some good moments so let's get to it!

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Since it rained on and off on Friday, Mic's plans of mowing the grass were shot.
So we headed over our friend's house to meet their new sweet baby girl and chow down on some pizza :)
This was definitely a favorite moment of mine.
While I am not one for holding babies, I love seeing how it comes so natural to Mic :)

See that title at the top?
Yeah, all about this show right here...
Saturday evening Mic had some work to do, so once X fell asleep I decided to watch The Astronaut Wives Club.
After one episode, I can easily say this is my new favorite show!
So I don't technically want to be an astronaut, but I think it would be so much fun to go back in time for those clothes and the dinner parties!

On Sunday, X and I headed north to visit with my dad for Father's Day.
Mic requested alone time to work, so that is what he got :)
Seeing two of my favorite guys love on each other is simply the best!

I probably say this every week, but taking silly selfies with X is always a favorite thing to do!

All this rain has made my in-laws property (our future home) a wet breeding ground for mosquito's :(
Thankfully they don't get this guy down!
My favorite face even with a giant bug bite on it!

I talked about some of my favorite and not so favorite things here.
It may or may not involve Starbucks :)

What are your favorite moments of the week?
Are you getting lots of rain or warm sunny days?
If you are getting sunny days....send them to central Ohio please!
Thank you!


  1. I wondered about that show, I may have to start watching!!!

    its crappy rainy here too! boo!

    have a great weekend!

  2. I want to start watching that show!! I need to go and catch up :) Chelsea @

  3. I just finished the Astronaut Wives Club book, I didn't realize the show already started. I totally agree about liking the era and fashion :) Also, you look so Fall in your last picture it makes me happy.

  4. I also posted my favorites of the week! And I am currently watching The Astronaut Wives Club as I type. Love that show! - Seri from


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