Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday | June

How is it the end of the month already?
I mean, didn't I just leave for vacation?
That was June 4th!
Anyway, it is time once again for...

What we're eating this week
For Father's Day I made some fall off the bone ribs and served it up corn on the cob.

What I'm Reminiscing about
(read my recap part 1 & part 2)
Sunny, warm weather.
We returned to higher temps, but rain, Rain, RAIN! :(

What I'm loving
That I can just spray some sea salt spray in my hair in the morning and head out the door to work.
It is much more acceptable to have beachy waves at work in the summer than any other month.
I take full advantage!
This is the one I have been using recently.

What we've been up to
Stressing out over all the things we need to do around our house to get it listed.
At what point do you just stop and say enough is enough?
Any tips, tricks, etc. great appreciated!

What I'm dreading
Not a whole lot really :)
I think I need this shirt!

What I'm working on
Getting back to working out.
I have slacked/haven't had time so badly this Spring.
I absolutely love to get a good workout in and am really sad that I haven't been able to find the time.
It is on my to-do list for July!

What I'm excited about
To break out the bounce house for X (please stop rain), 
to get Superman ice creams cones just because, to take a walk on the bike trail, and most importantly I am excited about just enjoying the summer!
When you work full-time and have kiddos and it can be tough, but I am going to focus on enjoying the moment more!

What I'm watching/reading
Pretty Little Liars! The summer season has been so good!
Other than that, I am obsessed with HGTV these days.
Fixer Upper, 
Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, 
Love it or List it, etc.
I just can't get enough!

What I'm listening to
Still jamming out to Shut up and dance every chance I get!
And after seeing NKOTB/Nelly/TLC in concert last week I have been listening to some throwback jams too :)

What I'm wearing
Our weather has been crazy over the last week.
I went from wearing shorts and tank tops, to jeans and a jacket, to yoga pants and a tee, to shorts again.

What I'm doing this weekend
Hoping to get the front door painted, catch up on laundry, and we are attending a 1st birthday party.

What I'm looking forward to next month
Cookouts with friends and family!
And praying we start moving to our new home and get our house listed.

What else is new
I am also looking forward to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July!
I get some great Christmas gifts for X, Mic, and me ;)

Bonus: What are you doing for the 4th of July?
We are joining some friends for their 3rd annual bash at their house!
(Read about last year here.)
Summer sun, swimming, food, and good company :)
This kid loved being in the pool last year!

So what have you been up to in June?
Any big plans for July?


  1. Love your post! I agree about the summer hair, I am all about some easy beachy summer waves!

  2. Yes to Fixer Upper! Love that show! I also need to try that beach spray..i've seen it and never picked it up!! XOXO

  3. I LOVE that NKOTB Summertime song.

  4. I've been enjoying HGTV lately too! It's what I watch when I get the tv, which isnt often, so I take full advantage when I can get it. Totally looking forward to 4 of July, baby girl turns one! :)

  5. might have to try that hair stuff, my hair can be so flat and lifeless sometimes
    that rib picture made me drool a little

  6. We had ribs for father's day too- we took my dad to his favorite bbq place! :) I'm always obsessed w/ HGTV, Flip or Flop and beachfront bargain hunters are 2 of my faves! It's definitely harder to enjoy summer and fit in all the fun as an adult (and im sure with a kiddo even harder!) but totally worth it! :)


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