Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Show & Tell | When I Grow Up

It is time for another edition of Show & Tell with Andrea @ Momfessionals!
Today we are talking all about what we wanted to be when we grew up!

I may have mentioned this before on the blog, but I had high, HIGH hopes for my future when I was a little girl.
My dreams changed over the years as most kids do, but it is always fun to revisit those old dreams.

When I was very little I had an obsession with cash registers and the whole moving belt.
My little brother was my customer of course :)
I used to go into the kitchen and get all kind of food items out to "scan" along the table and the ring up in my cash register.
I used some unknown tool has my hand scanner. lol!
And of course you couldn't pay with cash at my register.
Credit cards only please! lol!
I used to list items like the picture above on my Christmas and Birthday list!

I then moved on to higher hopes of being a model.
My idol was Cindy Crawford!
She was is still coolest and most beautiful model in my book.
I did actually do some modeling over the years, but sports always came first for me.
And the fact that I never made it above 5'6" :(

Then my dream switched to being an Accountant.
I loved math all through school, so this actually seemed like a pretty legit future for me.
Working with numbers, doing tax returns, etc. really do seem fun to me.

Some where in middle/high school I decided my future would be in fashion design.
I checked out a few programs some colleges offered and had made my decision that I would pursue this after high school.
It was a done deal.

And then what felt like the last month of my senior year of high school, everything changed.
I sat down with my dad in an office and signed up to start school in the Fall with a focus on radio and television broadcasting.
I still don't know how that happened exactly.

Funny thing is that in a lot of ways I ended up kind of where I hoped I would all those years ago.
No, I don't technically work with a cash register, but I do have a scanner hooked up to my laptop! lol!
We own our own franchise of Ameriprise Financial.
Yes, working with numbers, finances, investments, etc.
How many people can say that they actually do what they dreamed about way back when?!
I never thought I would be.

So what was your childhood dream job?
What do you actually do now?
Are you one of those lucky ones who always knew what you wanted to do?


  1. I love how life turns out and usually better than planned :)

  2. Very cool, it's neat to hear how everyone ended up where they are!


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