Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love | Hate | Tag

Kelly over at Familiar Joy tagged me to join the Love | Hate | Tag game.
(Read her post here)
It is simple really.
State 10 things you love, 10 things you hate, and tag 10 bloggers to join the fun!


1. Starbucks - Cold, hot, white or red cup..I love them all!

2. Cleveland Browns - read more about my love here and I am starting this one young as well :)

3. Sticky Fingers Wings = Heaven on a plate!

4. Teen Dramas - If it is teen related and a drama I have probably watched it and loved it!

5. French Fries - I love french fries from just about anywhere you can get them!
Well, except Burger King or Arby's.

6. Singing/Dancing/Music - I love all kinds of music and just can't help but dance when I hear a good beat.
I think it is the cheerleader in me ;)

7. The South - What is not to love about the south?
Good food, great beaches, super sweet people, great weather.
The list goes on and on!

8. Cars - I love go to the annual auto shows with Mic and check out the new cars coming out.
I also really like seeing all the old time cars when they take over a Pizza Hut parking lot or something on weekend.

9. Planning themed parties/dinners/etc. - If I could plan a party every month of the year I would!
I love coming up with foods and drinks that fit the theme..all while on a budget of course!

10. Matching - I can't help it. I must match. It just makes me happy :)


1. Being late - I am with Kelly on this one! If you aren't early, you are late.

2. Being stopped in traffic - enough said

3. Dirty Feet - Walking barefoot creeps me out.
I do it on the beach or around the pool, but you best believe I am washing my feet the second I am able to!
And I must wash my feet before going to bed if I have worn any shoes with out socks (flats, flip-flops).

4. Seafood - Anything that talks in the Little Mermaid is not something I want to eat!

5. Tomatoes/Peppers/Onions - No, no, no!

6. Horror movies/Movies in general - I get terrified of movies just from a quick second of a commercial.
I am seriously the biggest scaredy cat around!
Plus, I just don't like to sit still for the length of a movie.
So unless I am watching it at home I probably won't ever see it.

7. Dunkin Donuts - Did you see my #1 love up there?

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - See #2 above. (Sorry Cari!)

9. Sitting in the back seat of a car - I get car sick so sitting in the back isn't for me.
And depending on the driver, sitting in the passenger seat doesn't work too well for me either!

10. Sticking out - I must blend in as much as possible!
Unique is a word that just makes my skin crawl.
(I am working on getting better with this one and just being myself, but boy is it hard!)

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Happy Thursday!


  1. oooooooh this is fun!!!! Im goin to post it tomorrow!!! :)

    Starbucks YES YES Y ES!!! I will forgive you (and Erin) for your hatred toward the steelers ;)

  2. I'm with you on the scary movies! But the Arby's curly fries are some of my fave ever... I have not had them in years but grabbed some on our way back from Omaha and they were amazing. My college roomate got me hooked on the curly fries with a side of cheese...yum. Ok now I'm hungry. Have a great day!

  3. It's almost football season!!!! Goooooo Irish and Colts! I can get behind the Browns some lol And we teach our kids young too! I can't wait to take our 3 month old son to a Notre Dame gameday this fall!!!! :) -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones

  4. I love this! Thanks for the tag! I will try and do this next week :) Like I've said before, yes to party planning we need to live in the same city so we can plan parties together :) and I love horror movies, but cannot watch them because they scare me so much I have nightmares for months afterwards, I'm such a baby! I can't even watch the commercials either! LOL to the anything that talked in the Little Mermaid :) I have issues eating anything in the shape of when it was I'm thinking I'm going to start saying, I don't eat anything that talked in the Little Mermaid, makes me sound less crazy :)


    haha and seriously- BK french fries are the worst, but they are Doug's that's an ongoing battle.

  6. This post is awesome, I will definitely be playing :) Also, we have a bunch of "hates" in common but for sure no bare feet, totally makes me cringe just thinking about it! Haha

  7. YAY! I'm glad you tagged me- even if you are a Brownie ;) I'm just glad my Bengals weren't on your hate list haha!

  8. I'm just catching up on my blogs and saw this! Love your lists!!! And I'm with you on the hatred of the Steelers. As a Seahawks fan, I could never root for them! ;-)


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