Thursday, April 23, 2015

10 Questions with Work it Mommy

Hey Hey! It is time to play another round of 10 Questions!
Today my guest is Whitney over at Work it Mommy :)
I have truly loved getting to know her more and I hope you do as well!

Oh, and don't forget to check out my answers to Whitney's questions here!

Now on with the fun!

1. Favorite movie as a child? And now?
Oh my goodness, I had many favorites growing up but the ones I can most vividly recall are Land Before Time (I remember sobbing over Little Foot's mom dying, tears puddling into the arm of our brown La-Z-Boy at the age of 5) and as a preteen, Clueless.  I wanted to be Cher Horowitz in the worst possible way.  My favorite now would be Mean Girls.  I apparently still like high school dramas which is weird because in reality I hated high school (see Question 10).

I am right there with ya!
Love that Mean Girls pie chart!
And Clueless is still one of my favorite movies! 
 I always choose a teen drama over anything other type of show or movie!

2. Starbucks or Dunkin? 
Starbucks, because they are on every corner and the closest Dunkin's is 30 minutes away.

3. Why did you start blogging?
I had the best intentions of documenting my first daughter's babyhood and well, that never happened.  I started blogging in earnest 2 years ago about easy and fun Preschool projects and it morphed into my Family's little piece of the web.  I never thought I'd be sharing so much of myself, I'm a pretty private person, but I love to write and showing off my lovely family is a bonus!

4. You are at Chipotle, what do you order?
A chicken bowl with lime-cilantro rice, black beans, mild and medium salsa, sour cream, cheese, avocado and lettuce.

I don't know why I asked you that all I want to do is go eat at Chipotle! lol!

5. If you could live anywhere in the US, where would it be?
We're actually contemplating a move right now; my husband Brian and I are both born and raised Central Californians, and though we both love our state, the cost of living is kinda depressing and the no-water situation is getting desperate.  But aside from those two things, you can't beat Cali beaches or the weather!  So for now, we're right where we want to be.

While I have never been to Cali, I can only imagine how high the cost of living is there!
So jealous of the beaches and the weather you have!
But at the same time, I sure do love Ohio :)

6. How did you choose the names for your kiddos?
Baby Kinsey

We named our first daughter within the week of finding out her gender.  I had a master list of names I liked, Brian went through and chose his favorites, I went back and made a top 4 and then Brian 'assembled' Kinsey Olivia.  Boom.  In contrast, it took nearly my whole pregnancy to name our second daughter and even then we ended up having to make it up!  At different times without telling the other we had come up with the name Brielana and when we did talk about it, it was like the ultimate confirmation!  Brielana Kennedy also shares the same initials as her daddy :)
Baby Brielana

7. Oldest item in your closet?
I'm a little embarrassed about what I found to be my oldest item.  It's a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban t-shirt from 2004 that I got from the movie theater I worked at in San Diego.  It's too small and stained but it still lives in the bottom of my t-shirt drawer, for how much longer, I can not say...

First, how is the oldest item from 2004? Seriously?
I easily have some old softball jerseys and such from when I was in first grade...we are talking 1986!
Second, Yeh for Harry Potter! :)

8. Favorite sport?
I show up for the food! Ha!  I'm not really big on sports but I do enjoy going to the occasional baseball game (Go Angels!)

While this pains me to read, we can still be friends :)

9. Biggest mommy success so far?
Being able to have spent the last year at home with both my girls.  It has been the most rewarding experience; from bringing home Brielana and growing to a family of four, to being able to watch her hit every milestone right before our eyes and seeing Kinsey blossom as a big sister.  Teaching Kinsey preschool and being able to "sleep in", and learning how to function as a one-income household.  This temporary SAHM- gig has been fabulous!  A lot of growing has been had, that's for sure.

Major props to you and all moms who are able to stay at home and make it work.
While I truly love X, I don't think him and I together at home would be a good idea.

10. Who were you in high school? 
I was the quiet-until-you-got-to-know-me girl.  I actually hated my high school and ended up graduating early so I could leave.  But I do have to say, the best thing about high school was meeting my husband.  We had Spanish class together and it was there that we became friends- a whole 4 years before we started dating.

That is awesome that you met your hubby and became friends that long ago!

I absolutely loved getting to know Whitney more and I hope you did too!
And don't forget to swing by Work it Mommy and say hello!

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  1. Love this list!!! And yeah, I love a teen angst movie more than any other!!! And yeah, now I want chipotle too!
    First time linking up :-)

  2. I love these interviews! So much fun. I was seriously laughing out loud over her Land Before Time note....and it also made me feel ancient since I remember watching that and crying...but with my daughter!!! Can you believe I have never eaten at Chipotle?? Freebirds which is similar started in College Station so even though we now have a Chipotle I still always go to Freebirds.

    1. You made me laugh, I definitely wouldn't consider you 'ancient', have you seen how many sequels that movie has spawned over the years?! TEN! That would age anybody haha

  3. Thanks for the great interview, Vanessa! I had too much fun. And I die over your 1986- closet item, I was 1 then! And Im sorry for inflicting pain, but I gotta support who the Hubby says haha!

  4. I love reading these and getting to know other people :)


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