Thursday, April 9, 2015

TOL Week 10

First, I want to say thank you to all of you wonderful bloggers out there who have been linking up with Penny and I each week.
I can't believe this is our 10th week doing this link up already!
Remember the rules are simple.
Write a post about a recipe, style tips, mommy success or fail, a rant, whatever.
Make sure to link back to me and Penny in your post.
And last, but certainly not least, link your Thursday post below!
Simple right?

Since this week has been crazy busy at work, I am composing a list today to keep it super simple.

Stupid Things I Worry About

Is X behind in speech and learning?

Is he is too crazy/wild/rambunctious compared to the kids his age?

Am I am going to look fat in my bridesmaid dress next month?

How am I ever going to watch all the shows on my DVR?

I didn't buy a floral skirt for the style challenge...will that really matter?

Oh no! My face is going to break out after eating all those mini malted milk eggs :(

Will either of the tuxes I ordered for X fit him?

Will they still fit in a month for my brother's wedding?

Does this post make sense?

Should I have just skipped today?

When will my mind turn off so I can go to sleep?

When will I find time to get another workout in?

Boy oh boy this list could go on forever!
Do you have those days where your mind just keeps going and going?
Worrying about everything and nothing all at the same time.
It is exhausting!
So happy tomorrow is Friday!
What's on your mind today?

Happy Thursday!


  1. This post cracks me up because I have totally worried about the same things!! ;)

  2. LOL, you and I are the same. I totally worry about the same things. I can't find a floral skirt either and I have 5 hours left on my DVR...I am starting to panic and am trying to watch stuff, but it seems like a never ending battle!

  3. Absolutely! Those are some of the things that keep me up at night. And, yes, this post make total sense!!!! Thanks for hosting this party here.

  4. Its a blessing and a curse to be able to have so much going on and still be able to think a million things all at once; its womans super power haha


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